Louis Peitzman · 08/09/12 08:15PM

Even the staunchest pro-gun advocates agree that when ordering a TV online, you shouldn't receive a semiautomatic.

Amazon Stores Might Invade Your Neighborhood

Ryan Tate · 02/06/12 04:02PM

If you think Apple is a vertical corporate monolith, wait until you get a load of Amazon's reported plans: The e-tailer turned tablet maker turned publisher is said to be planning a physical store in Seattle with an eye toward building a national chain. And you thought the literati hated Amazon before.

Partner Accuses Amazon of Being Totally Evil

Ryan Tate · 12/28/11 01:31PM

After launching an electronic assault on local shops and abusing sick and pregnant warehouse workers, has been sued for ripping off and royally screwing over in every other possible way a partner that made Kindle cases. Maybe the e-tailer's 2011 New Year's resolution was "be evil constantly."

Amazon Launches Christmas Attack on Local Shops

Ryan Tate · 12/06/11 02:50PM

Apparently concerned that it's not already doing enough to undermine local physical retailers across the country, announced it will pay customers up to $5 to go into a local store, scan an item, walk out, and buy the same item on Amazon. Please don't do this cheap, sad thing.

Hear a Defector's Shocking 180 on 'Cult Like' Zappos

Ryan Tate · 09/29/11 08:58PM

Zappos employee Christina Gomez sounded like an opiated zombie when she first talked to Freakonomics Radio. "This job is worth more than a million dollars, definitely," she said. "It's kind of like the Wizard of Oz, and we're in the Emerald City." A week later, Gomez was wondering what she had been smoking — and raising questions about life at the Amazon shoe subsidiary.

Amazon's Best Excuses for Abusing Sick and Pregnant Workers

Ryan Tate · 09/20/11 03:16PM

Workers in an warehouse were routinely sent to the emergency room because of sweltering, suffocating heat that sometimes exceeded 110 degrees — and because Amazon refused to open warehouse doors, fearing theft, according to a devastating exposé in the Allentown, Pennsylvania Morning Call. After workers, an E.R. doctor and a security guard complained, federal regulators investigated the warehouse and recommended changes. Amazon responded with popsicles, bandanas and finger pointing.

Media Pioneers Bank on Futuristic 'Book' Technology

Ryan Tate · 09/07/11 05:00PM

Uber nerd website ArsTechnica has one. Amazon is guiding web savvy writers toward them. And now even the electronic newspaper of the future, the Huffington Post, has one. Meet the so-called "book," heir apparent to the future of media.

Amazon's Creepy Tax Dodge Training

Ryan Tate · 08/03/11 01:41PM really, really does not want to collect sales tax from its customers. But that's not just the online retailer's problem: If you work for Amazon, the tax obsession means you need permission to visit certain states, and might not be able to send certain emails when you get there. In some instances, you won't even be able to identify yourself as working for

Corporate Execs Staring Into the Future

Lauri Apple · 07/10/11 10:16AM

These candid portraits of powerful corporate executives, taken this weekend at the private investment firm Allen & Company's annual media and technology conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, intrigued us for reasons we can't fully explain. Maybe it's because some of these rich guys seem so damned miserable?

Online Mob Savages Michael Lewis Book

Ryan Tate · 03/23/10 11:58AM

If you see someone toting a Kindle onto the subway, give them space: Judging from what owners of the e-book reader have done to author Michael Lewis, they can be some seriously mean and vengeful nerds.