Mysterious Death by Poisoning Haunts The Amazing Race

Maureen O'Connor · 02/21/12 05:29PM

Strange murmurs from the world of reality television: Two "freelance facilitating producers" were apparently poisoned "after a failed shakedown attempt" in central Africa, Fox News reports. Veteran Amazing Race and Whale Wars producer Jeff Rice died; his body was found in Uganda. Though "details are sketchy," Fox News reports that the men were poisoned after "refusing to give in to the demands of local thugs." [Fox News, image via CBS]

Will Miley Cyrus Swoop in on Forlorn Schwarzenegger Son?

Maureen O'Connor · 05/10/11 10:16AM

Miley Cyrus has her eye on the Governator's son. Prince bans Whitney Houston from his shows. Katie Holmes isn't pregnant. Rachel McAdams isn't engaged. Tuesday gossip needs a shoulder to cry on.

Women Dominate In The Amazing Race Finale

Morgan Barry · 12/13/10 06:55PM

With three teams left (two aiming to become the first All-Women Team to win) and $1 Million on the line, the season finale of Amazing Race packed all the action and suspense you could ask for. Watch, for the results.

The Decade Reality Evolved into a Beautiful Beast

Brian Moylan · 12/16/09 03:20PM

Sure, reality TV has been around longer, but starting in 2000, it really hit the big time. Everyone professes to hate it, but this cheap, tawdry programming has become an easy staple, and it's changing every minute.

New Twitter Show Sure to Annihilate Twitter Once and For All

The Cajun Boy · 05/26/09 12:58AM

Are you sick of Twitter yet? Probably! But if not, wait patiently because the spunky little messaging service is teaming with a group of Hollywood geniuses to bring you an "unscripted show" that would "harness Twitter to put players on the trail of celebrities in an interactive, competitive format." Yeah.