Animal Collective's Deakin Apologizes for Screwing Fans on Kickstarter

Cord Jefferson · 09/28/12 03:10PM

In our piece last week about Amanda Palmer and the nearly non-existent accountability practices of Kickstarter, we briefly touched on the infamous Kickstarter project of one Josh Dibb. Dibb, a member of ballyhooed Baltimore band Animal Collective, infamously collected more than $25,000 three years ago to do a music project in Africa. Almost three years later, none of the donors to Dibb's project have received any of the rewards they were promised.

Amanda Palmer's Million-Dollar Music Project and Kickstarter's Accountability Problem

Cord Jefferson · 09/19/12 12:15PM

Back in June, when Amanda Palmer got $1.2 million via Kickstarter to support her new album and tour, the Dresden Dolls singer set a new record for music projects on the fundraising site. The average successful music Kickstarter asks for and receives about $5,000. Palmer asked for $100,000 and then got 12 times that. Naturally, she was thrilled, but now she's being asked to better explain what she's doing with all that money, and she's become a poster child for Kickstarter's accountability problems in the process.