Happy Birthday

cityfile · 09/08/09 06:26AM

Editor Bonnie Fuller turns 53 today. David Carr of the New York Times is turning 53, too. Real estate mogul Howard Lorber is 61. Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Bobby Kennedy and ex-wife of Andrew Cuomo, is 50. Pink turns 30. David Arquette is turning 38. Singer Aimee Mann is 49. Swimsuit model and former E! host Brooke Burke is 38. Ex-NBA star Latrell Sprewell turns 39. Food writer Amanda Hesser is 38. Former Congressman Mark Foley turns 55. And '90s teen heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns 28 today.

John McCain Doesn't Know How to Manage a Beaver

Owen Thomas · 02/27/09 04:31PM

Oh, Twitter! Even senators say the darnedest things on the dynamic compendium of Internet users' stupidest thoughts. "How does one manage a beaver?" asked John McCain mid-pork tirade. More tweets that left us speechless:

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 09/08/08 06:10AM

Bonnie Fuller isn't employed at the moment, which means she should have plenty of time to celebrate her birthday today: the tabloid queen is 52. Maybe she can share a birthday cake with the New York Times' David Carr: He turns 52 today, too. Others celebrating: Real estate mogul Howard Lorber is 60. Food writer Amanda Hesser is 37. Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Bobby Kennedy and ex-wife of Andrew Cuomo, is 49. Singer/songwriter Aimee Mann is 48. David Arquette is 37. Pink is 29. Swimsuit model and former E! host Brooke Burke is 37. And '90s teen heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns 27.

Amanda Hesser uses a computer, therefore qualified to run Web startup

Jackson West · 04/08/08 12:40PM

Former New York Times editor Amanda Hesser is starting a new company called Seawinkle, which may or may not be named after an obscure character from the My Little Pony universe. It will aggregate content you produce online into one happy page, she promised in a tetchy response to New York Magazine's insinuation that she was politely kicked out of the new Times building. Hesser also detailed her qualifications as a wantrepreneur:

Amanda Hesser

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:37PM

Formerly an editor at the New York Times, Hesser is the author of several books including Cooking for Mr. Latte, in which she recounted her culinary courtship of New Yorker staff writer Tad Friend.

'Times' Glossy 'T' Growing, Promotions For All!

Doree Shafrir · 07/30/07 02:44PM

The New York Times glossy quarterly T is expanding! And, according to this morning's memo from T Queen Stefano Tonchi (pictured!), there will be more and more T in your life in the coming months. (Also: a special food issue of the NYT mag in November 2008, edited by Mrs. Latte herself.) Q Princess Horacio Silva will be heading up the T website! Omg omg omg. Gay! We love! Anyway, at this point it's basically T and the New York Times Magazine keeping the rest of the paper afloat, so it's no wonder that they're trying to turn everything into a giant T dance. (Sorry!) Memo follows.

Amanda Hesser Has Lots Of Friends

Joshua Stein · 06/11/07 01:20PM

Cookbook author, wife of Tad Friend and food editor for the Times magazine Amanda Hesser has a history of logrolling. Some serious culinojournalistic contretemps occurred when she gave Jean George Vongerichten's Spice Market three stars back in 2004 BB (Before Bruni) seemingly as a thank you for the cheery blurb the chef lent to her book Cooking for Mr. Latte. An acrimonious squall ensued. The Times was forced to print a sheepish Editor's Note and Hesser, who was seen as the heir apparent to the critic's post William Grimes recently vacated, was remanded to the Magazine. And now she's back, baby! In hot water, that is.

'New York Times' Staff Explained For Math Majors

abalk2 · 07/18/06 01:20PM

We were recently directed to PX This., the "witty, irreverent (star-studded) four year journal of a struggling New York commercial-artist/fashion-designer moonlighting as a maitre d' at some of Manhattan's most well-known restaurants." While perusing its contents, we came upon the following entry (all contents completely [sic]):

Amanda Hesser Allowed Back Near Newsprint!

Jessica · 02/01/06 09:23AM

It's a hysterically dark day in the Times' Dining section, as foodie beastlord Amanda Hesser has returned! OK, so technically she never left — she was merely banished to a column in the magazine, which was just hidden enough for us to forget her spoon obsession and comfortably settle in Frank Bruni's warm embrace. But today Hesser is on actual newsprint, in the real dining section.

Reader Mail: It Is Not Ours to Question Why

Jesse · 09/07/05 08:31AM

We're always here for our readers, even when they're asking really, really strange questions. Like this one, received in the wee hours of this morning:

A Taste Of Amanda Hesser

Jessica · 11/15/04 01:27PM

What could be more odd than attending A Taste of Living hosted by T:Living s editor and notorious interim Times restaurant critic Amanda Hesser? Who would really pay $30 to walk around a bunch of corporate showrooms, eating food on a stick cooked famous chefs, and be accosted by an associate editor? Why, starving Gawker intern Erik Kaiser, that's who! His night to remember after the delectable jump.