Cleveland Home Reminds Us Some Police Don't Rush to Poor Neighborhoods

Cord Jefferson · 05/09/13 07:49PM

People from the Cleveland neighborhood in which three kidnapped women were recovered on Monday said that they'd been calling the cops on the suspected abductor for years, only to have police ignore them. It seemed hard to believe. The Cleveland Police Department itself disputes the claims, saying its records indicate officers had only visited the Seymour Avenue residence twice before this week: Once to respond to a street fight that Ariel Castro, the lead kidnapping suspect, had called in himself, and once to investigate allegations that Castro had briefly abducted a little boy while working as a bus driver in 2004 (when police went to the house to investigate, nobody looked to be home, so they left).

The Hero Who Rescued Three Kidnapped Women in Cleveland Is Hilarious

Max Read · 05/07/13 08:31AM

Charles Ramsey, who helped rescue three missing Cleveland women from the house where they'd been held captive for a decade, is more than just a good Samaritan and hero: He's also an amazing interview. (And even better on the phone with 911.)