The Best of Alvin Greene's TV Appearances

Matt Toder · 06/11/10 11:30AM

Since Tuesday, the world has stood dumb-struck at the victory of Alvin Greene in the SC Democratic Primary. He's unemployed, looking at a felony charge for showing a college coed a porn image and giving interviews. Inside, the best ones.

Mystery SC Candidate's Bizarre Keith Olbermann Interview

Adrian Chen · 06/10/10 09:32PM

What the hell? At this point, it's the only reaction we can have to Alvin Greene, the unemployed veteran who beat out a much more-qualified opponent in the South Carolina Democratic Senate primary. Watch his halting Countdown interview for yourself.

Random Unemployed Dude Wins South Carolina Democratic Primary

Adrian Chen · 06/08/10 09:38PM

Some unemployed guy defeated a former legislator in South Carolina's Democratic senate primary. He had no money, no signs and no website. Did he win because of his brilliant policies? Or because his last initial came first in the alphabet?