Hamilton Nolan · 07/08/13 01:13PM

The Village Voice has hired Tom Finkel as its 6,738th editor, assuming he hasn't quit already.

Village Voice Media's Last Ditch Effort to Save Itself Will Probably Fail

Hamilton Nolan · 09/24/12 09:20AM

Village Voice Media, owner of the Voice and a dozen other alt-weeklies across the country, has decided to try a nifty trick: it's cleaving itself in two. Executives from the company are "buying out" all of the papers, putting them into what is technically a new, standalone company. And VVM's main profit center, hooker ad site, is going to be left in its own separate company, controlled by VVM bosses Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. This is a weird gambit.

The New York Press Is Coming Back as a Non-Alt Website

Hamilton Nolan · 12/06/11 06:30PM

This past summer, longtime alt (to the Village Voice)-weekly The New York Press died, a victim of neglect and mismanagement, fated to disappear into its ill-fitting parent company. Sad! But! Now! Joe Pompeo reports that the Press is being relaunched, online-only, by "Tom Allon, the owner of [parent company] Manhattan Media and a 2013 mayoral candidate." What's the plan, Tom?

Pickets, Lawsuits, Sex Ads, and Hard Times at the Village Voice

Hamilton Nolan · 11/16/11 12:42PM

The Village Voice has problems. The paper had yet another round of layoffs last month, as part of a nationwide cull by its parent company. (Not to be confused with the other layoffs earlier this year.) Like most alt-weeklies, the Voice depends on sex and drug ads for its very survival. The paper's so desperate for revenue that it's suing Time Out NY for using the phrase "Best in NYC." You know that belongs to the Village Voice, right?

Alt-Weeklies Need Sex And Drugs to Survive

Hamilton Nolan · 11/03/11 01:59PM

In your throwback Thursday media column: protests loom at the Village Voice, layoffs at the LAT, Fox Business Network continues right on track, powerful people in the media, and a new Women's Health editor.

Nationwide Layoffs Hit Village Voice Media

Hamilton Nolan · 10/20/11 02:01PM

In your tragic Thursday media column: more info on the companywide layoffs at Village Voice Media, the NYT Co. makes money, a Washington Post heiress has a bright idea, The Economist screws up, and newspaper layoffs are back.

Good Housekeeping's Bathrooms a 'Hot Mess of Sickness'

Hamilton Nolan · 08/16/11 02:31PM

In your spotless Tuesday media column: more stories of magazine poop, business journalists web-surf predictably, a Florida politico type applauds the layoff of newspaper "pieces of shit," AMI's not for sale any more, and alt-weeklies bombarded with cash.

No Strike at the Village Voice, Oh Well

Hamilton Nolan · 07/01/11 09:31AM

A whole week of buildup and positioning and raising a "strike fund" and threats and etc. were all for naught; the Village Voice and its union came to terms just two hours before their deadline last night, averting a strike.

The Future of Alt-Weeklies Is No More Alt-Weeklies

Hamilton Nolan · 04/27/11 02:32PM

In your throwback Wednesday media column: alt-weeklies get glossy, and remain sexy, Malcolm Gladwell was one of those "I don't have a TV" kids, and Sarah Palin's zinger on Katie Couric.

What Poor Soul Will Replace Katie Couric?

Hamilton Nolan · 03/28/11 01:54PM

In your suspicious Monday media column: Katie Couric's future mulled, a racist theater review mocked, the WaPo's redesign criticized, the NYT paywall arrives, and Maer Roshan has a new hobby.

The Day of the Media Microfeud

Hamilton Nolan · 07/28/10 02:11PM

In your tendentious Wednesday media column: The Awl vs. the NYO, the Village Voice vs. the Austin Chronicle, Sam Sifton vs. Dan Abrams, dumb people vs. David Remnick, and the NYT vs. the WSJ, magazine-style.

Another Way HuffPo Is the Same as World Net Daily

Hamilton Nolan · 04/14/10 01:00PM

In your woofin' Wednesday media column: Arianna Huffington's allotment of celebrity seats at the White House Correspondents Dinner is the greatest issue facing journalism in America, the National Enquirer was stiffed, BusinessWeek is clueless, and an alt-weekly loses.