Tom Scocca · 10/07/14 04:42PM

Another firetruck has caught fire in the course of fighting fires, this time en route to a blaze in in Silver Spring, Maryland. "Damage to the building was estimated at $150,000," the Washington Post reports, "and truck damage was put at $200,000."

Tom Scocca · 02/21/14 10:38AM

Who will fight the fire when the firetruck catches on fire? The firefighters from the firetruck (plus three more trucks and engines), with fire extinguishers. "This is one of these things you always hear about, but don't expect to happen," deputy fire chief Kurt Gerfin of Schenectady told the Daily Gazette.

'Details': Is It All Right To Make Her Take It Up The Butt?

abalk · 07/09/07 02:40PM

Good question, Details! We asked our resident sexual etiquette expert. "Absolutely not," says My Cock. "Beg, wheedle, cajole, whatever you need to do. But a true gentleman never demands. Of course, that's not to say that you can't buy a certain pill and make her slightly more receptive. Nah, I'm kidding - it's flat-out wrong. As wrong as the image Details used for this story. Seriously, shouldn't that be a man butt? Anyway, if you are lucky enough to be granted the favor of anal congress, it's only polite to shove a dozen roses in that train tunnel once you're done."