"Severe Allergies": A New Episode of Tom Tips Back

Max Read · 06/12/14 04:00PM

We get tips. Lots of them. Sometimes Gawker features editor Tom Scocca responds to them. These conversations are memorialized here in an occasional feature we call Tom Tips Back.

The Privilege Tournament: The Forsaken Four

Hamilton Nolan · 10/01/13 11:02AM

Many groups lack privilege, here in the discriminatory Babylon that is the USA. But who lacks privilege the most? We aim to find out, as a service to the public. Only four groups remain in our Privilege Tournament. Hard choices await your vote, below.

The Privilege Tournament

Hamilton Nolan · 09/25/13 09:00AM

Privilege: so sweet to have. But even sweeter to not have. Privilege has its benefits, but the lack of privilege confers that sweet, sweet moral superiority. With that in mind, we have decided to determine who, exactly, has the least privilege of all.

Whoops: Everything Healthy Will Kill You

Hamilton Nolan · 10/11/11 04:48PM

Fat running! Bad vitamins! Low tuberculosis! Peanut allergies! Woman chocolate! Restless legs! Baby talk! Cereal sugar! And your child's selfishness is all too astounding! It's your Tuesday Health Watch, where we watch your health—fruitlessly!

Get Ready for One of the Worst Allergy Seasons Yet

Max Read · 09/11/11 09:58AM

As if global warming hasn't already done enough for us, guess what we're gearing up for now? That's right: "one of the worst, and longest, allergy seasons yet." Don't worry, we're here to help!

Breastfeed or Your Baby Will Die

Hamilton Nolan · 06/13/11 03:53PM

Fat man surgery! Epilepsy drugs! Apple poison! DASH diet! Survival rates! Zany parenting! Pet allergies! Medication overdose! And breastfeeding because you love life! It's your Monday Health Watch, where we watch your health—voraciously!

Bureaucrats Are Coming to Steal Your Leftover Pills

Hamilton Nolan · 04/25/11 04:39PM

Pediatric socialists! E-cigarette regulation! Prostate testosterone! Antidepressant painkillers! Obese teens! Prescription take-backs! Young strokes! Natural allergies! And amazing acupuncture in Afghanistan! It's your Monday Health Watch, where we watch your health—with no regulation whatsoever!

Are Our Soldiers Using the Proper Crash Diets?

Hamilton Nolan · 12/08/10 04:25PM

Discount drugs! Energy drinks! Capitol Hill junk food! Cancer moneymakers! Meditation depression! Food allergies! Youth sports fat! Baby thumb fat! Soldier fat! It's your Wednesday Health Watch, where we watch your health—dipped in Icy Hot, furiously skipping rope!

Babies, And Other Depressing Diseases

Hamilton Nolan · 10/25/10 01:06PM

Radioactive cancer! Marathon runners! Allergic Raisinets! Bad doctors! Deadly medicine! Teens fucking! Depressed moms! Tasty lungs! And whooping cough that never goes away! It's your Monday Health Watch, where we watch your health—but only if that baby shuts up!

Have Allergies? At Least You're Less Likely to Get Cancer.

Max Read · 05/23/10 11:48PM

According to several new studies, people who sufferer from airborne allergies are significantly less likely to get some kinds of cancer, thanks to the immune system-boosting effect of allergies. Nerds! Do they ever not win in the long run? [NYP]