Media Bubble: Catfight Among the Playmates and Pets!

Jesse · 09/13/05 03:34PM

Penthouse raises new cash to take on Playboy. In mud-wrestling, of course, with throngs of fratboys watching. [Folio:]
• Honcho Rick Kaplan might not be much longer for MSNBC, according to rumors. And we're sure his underlings will be sad to see him go. [NYP]
• All of Time Inc.'s business websites —,, — will be merged into Time Warner's [Folio:]
• Reporting on VF's reporting of WP's reporting. [E&P]
• CNN's Aaron Brown thinks about ABC's Peter Jennings. Then he thinks about that damnded Anderson Cooper, who's hogging all the attention. [Philadelphia Inquirer]
• The Post's scratch-off poker game — play to win! Except when winning is impossible. [Media Mob/NYO]

Blogorrhea NYC: Riding That Train

Jesse · 07/20/05 03:40PM

• How to ride the subway. If you want to be hated. [This Is What We Do Now]
All the President's Men was screened in Tribeca last night, with Woodward, Bernstein, and Bradlee in attendance. Also Woodward's young daughter, who was overheard having the crushing realization that, no, her father does not look like Robert Redford. [MyJewishBooks/JewishFilm]
• It's so cute when Germans try to act ghetto. [Verbose Coma]
• With today's New York mag web headlines, Tristam Shandy officially turns on Adam Moss. [Tristam Shandy]