10 Shows that Advanced Sex on Television

Scott Green · 05/18/10 12:00PM

It's truly a special moment when a father and son have "the talk," wherein the father, embarrassed to use words like "gonad" and "fallopian," is relieved to find his son already got the gist from How I Met Your Mother.

Mark Ronson Gives Blessing To His Lindsay-In-Law

Seth Abramovitch · 07/17/08 01:30PM

At four months and still going strong, reformed shock-starlet Lindsay Lohan and gateway-lesbian girlfriend Samantha Ronson seem to be enjoying something approaching unfettered bliss. Still, we realize there exists among you—despite extensive photo-evidence of kissing, hand-holding, and the presentation of a a $22,000 Cartier ring (or roughly three years' salary for the average D.J.)—a few out there still who suspect the entire courtship to be a calculated attempt at staying in the limelight. Well, perish the cynical thought. Even Samantha's older brother Mark Ronson has given the couple his blessing, reports The Mirror:

abalk · 08/27/07 11:00AM

"[R]eporters for the Times Ledger, the Queens weekly that was purchased last fall by Rupert Murdoch, thought their editors were doing their corporate big brother the New York Post a favor. The reporters had located Matt Murphy, who caught Barry Bonds's 756th home run, through their high-school alumni Website and gotten the first interview with him, which the weekly posted on the Internet. But the Post didn't appreciate the tip. "The Post basically had a fit and demanded the story come down off the site," apparently to keep the Daily News from seeing it, says a source close to the weekly. The Times Ledger complied, and the Post published its own version later that night." That's just how they roll over at News Corp., kids: Wait until you start breaking the financial scoops. Straight to the Journal! [NYM]

abalk · 06/08/07 11:12AM

The children of the rich and famous (and Vanessa Williams) get internships at magazines. Yes, it does seem like you've read this story before! [WWD]