What's Opening in Theaters Today

Richard Lawson · 12/03/10 06:49PM

This is the first Friday of the last month for 2010 movie releases! With that meaningless distinction in mind, we turn today to look at ballet nightmares, gay fantasias, and very bad Christmases.

Kirsten Dunst's Dating Tips: Take Your Honey Along To AA While 'Looking Like Crap'

Molly Friedman · 04/30/08 05:10PM

While most of our knowledge regarding AA and the 12-step program comes from the druggie movies we've seen over the years (Rush, Requiem For A Dream, Herbie: Fully Loaded), we're pretty sure one of those steps is to avoid jumping into new relationships minutes after leaving rehab. But as we learned earlier this month, Kirsten Dunst's rumored fling with Ryan Gosling suggests Dunst isn't a fan of following rules. And according to today's NY Post, Dunst has some very unique and romantic ideas when it comes to taking her new man out on the town:

Kirsten Dunst Celebrates Release From Rehab On 'Date' With Ryan Gosling

Molly Friedman · 04/08/08 12:50PM

Kirsten Dunst hasn't wasted any time picking up old habits since quietly leaving rehab recently. No, silly, we aren't talking about booze, but rather boys. Dunst was spotted on what looked very much like a date with Ryan Gosling on Saturday in New York. The two are both slotted to start filming Andrew Jarecki's All Good Things soon, and the "shabby clothes" and length of the afternoon meeting suggest Dunst is back to working her boy-crazy charm on the scruffy Gosling. But just one year after splitting with longtime goody two shoes girlfriend and Best Kiss Award co-winner Rachel McAdams, we have to wonder what Gosling sees in the just-sprung Dunst.