Sean Combs Deepens Your Understanding of the Victorian Era

Alex Carnevale · 10/26/08 10:00AM

When we woke up this morning, we thought it had been a mere dream. It wasn' wasn't. Sean Combs' latest spread in L'Uomo Vogue with his daughters D'Lila Star Combs and Jessie James Combs was a reality. But after thinking this photo through, we've come to an unexpected conclusion. It's all part of Diddy's master plan.I admit I carry a soft spot for the one born Sean John Combs. With Diddy the good always seemed to outweigh the bad. Despite the amount of acrimony he's absorbed in his short time on this planet, Sean Combs will be one of those figures we look back on fondly. Even if you're just pretending to have a social conscience, hell, even if you're just pretending that you have lots of friends at your big party, it's tough to feel anything but a little bit sad for all the guy has gone through.

Jack Black, Amnesiac

STV · 10/01/08 01:10PM

· Jack Black will soon reunite with the writers of Kung Fu Panda, teaming up on an untitled comedy about a man who wakes up sans memory on Cuban shores only to deduce he's a superspy. Yuks, partial nudity and Bourne-franchise comparisons ensue. [THR] · If you are the least bit sleepy, we recommend skipping to the jump. Ready? OK: SAG is expected today to approve a measure requesting a strike vote, most likely sometime after the new board is seated later this month. We warned you, didn't we? Wake up! [THR] After the jump: Mamma Mia! conquers yet another country, George Lucas goes director shopping, and Michael Sheen goes to Wonderland.· After months of controversy over how George Lucas might integrate a jive-talking Hutt sibling into Red Tails, his film about the Tuskegee Airmen, the world sighed with relief as the producer handed off the directing reins to the more modest ex-Wire and CSI helmer Anthony Hemingway. [THR] · Psst! Hey buddy — wanna buy a lion? Or, like, part of a lion? [Variety] · In its fourth week of release in Korea, Mamma Mia! dispatched a native hit to overtake the top box-office spot, nudging its ABBA Global Conquest™ war chest over $450 million to date. [Variety] · Biopic veteran Michael Sheen is joining the casts of both the Samuel L. Jackson thriller Unthinkable and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, prompting observers around Hollywood to wonder what tony British cultural figure might be hastily written in to do acid with Johnny Depp. [Variety]

Kyle Buchanan · 08/01/08 06:30PM

Is Johnny Depp Set to Celebrate His Unbirthday? Those casting rumors just continue to pile up for the actor, with unconfirmed reports that director Tim Burton has selected him to play the Mad Hatter in his forthcoming 3-D (!) adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. So far, only In Treatment's Mia Wasikowska has been confirmed to star in the megabucks live action/CGI film, but we expect an imminent announcement of Burton's wifely muse Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts (even though we'd much rather see the wild-haired actress essay the Cheshire Cat). [The Herald]

Caucus Confusion Among Americans, 'NYTimes' Fact Checkers

Maggie · 01/08/08 11:35AM

This morning's New York Times begs your pardon for an error in yesterday's editorial that said no winner of a contested caucus had ever gone on to win the White House. Turns out Dubya did, in 2000. We know the Times is rabidly anticipating the end of the Bush administration, but how hard is it to look up what happened the election before last? Admittedly, this whole "caucus" concept is a toughie. Yesterday, two of the most popular searches on Google, according to Room 8 founder Gur Tsabar, were "Iowa caucasus" and "caucasus," neither of which look quite right. A Caucasus isn't so much an agonizing exercise in televised self-government as a Russian mountain range. God Bless America.