Kristen Stewart's Childhood Home Is an Alice in Wonderland Cult Palace

Caity Weaver · 10/16/13 05:13PM

Do you absolutely love playing chess but you are a giant bigger than a schoolhouse so every time you pick up a bishop or rook from a set designed for humans, it crumbles to dust in your hands? Perhaps you should consider purchasing frowning icon Kristen Stewart’s childhood home, which is ugly as sin and will surely give you nightmares, but does boast an oversized chess set in the backyard. I guess it depends how committed you are to playing a giant game of chess.

We Will Never Give Up on the '80s

Richard Lawson · 03/29/10 09:42AM

This weekend dragons scorched the earth, Alice fell even further down that money-lined rabbit hole, and a '10s comedy about the '80s did some pretty rad business.

Gerard Butler Is Our Greatest Natural Resource

Richard Lawson · 03/22/10 09:29AM

It's true, he's wonderful. Plus: Everybody wants to go ask Alice, a kiddie flick surprises, an Iraq movie does not, and we talk a little bit about monkeys.

Wonderland Will Always Be Better Than Iraq

Richard Lawson · 03/15/10 09:20AM

This weekend Alice beat Matt who beat Jay, but barely. Jay beat James but only because James is old. Marty and Leo keep beating each other. Yes, in that way.

America's Love of 3D Grows Curiouser and Curiouser

Richard Lawson · 03/08/10 11:04AM

While everyone in Hollywood was busy preparing for last night's celebrity prom, a 3D movie was quietly having the best March opening weekend ever. Sure it was on IMAX screens so every ticket cost $40, but it's still impressive.

Alice's Computer-Created Wonderland

Richard Lawson · 07/22/09 02:54PM

Curiouser and curiouser! A teaser trailer for Tim Burton's Johnny Depp-as-Mad-Hatter Alice in Wonderland has been released at last. And it's... sigh... a bit disappointing. Just because it looks CGI'd and 3D'd to within an inch of its life.

Everything More Fabulous in Italy, Even Prison

Richard Lawson · 07/22/09 01:51PM

You should really look at the New York Times' slideshow (and read the article) about a highly-acclaimed Italian theatre troupe that operates out of a prison. Good-looking Europeans convicts in drag and loving it! All we got was Oz. [NYT]

Kyle Buchanan · 11/17/08 06:35PM

Small Wonder: Though this picture appears to show Johnny's Deppy's Willy Wonka after an intense meth bender (and affixed with a Top Model weave), it's actually a photo of Depp as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland. Since the actor's role is rumored to be entirely motion-captured, we're assuming the look is just a test shot. No word yet on whether the mushrooms consumed by Depp's makeup artist made her grow bigger, get smaller, or simply made her totally fucking high. Click through for full-size. [ICYDK]