Here's Birdman's Alibi for the Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooting

Jay Hathaway · 07/27/15 12:01PM

Earlier this month, Georgia prosecutors indicted PeeWee Roscoe, tour manager for Young Thug, in a shooting that hit two Lil Wayne tour buses April 26. The Cobb County district attorney strongly implied that Young Thug or Cash Money label boss Bryan “Birdman” Williams ordered the shooting in an attempt to settle their ongoing dispute with Lil Wayne, although neither has been charged. Now Birdman has claimed he wasn’t involved, and challenged the evidence that ties him to the attack.

Felix Dennis Would Kill For A Good Alibi

Hamilton Nolan · 04/18/08 10:05AM

Maxim publisher Felix Dennis, who grimly admitted to a murder during an interview, keeps trying new and various ways to backtrack. He was drunk! He only kills magazines, ha ha! His latest claim, at a Columbia Journalism event last night: it was all a big prank to sell books! Dennis said it was an April fool's joke. "What [the press] didn't notice was the date," he said. Of course, that disregards the fact that the story actually ran on April 2, and that the interview the story was based on took place months earlier. Quite a bit of forward planning for a raving drunk and possibly murderous lad mag mogul. [BW]. Here's the original passage that started it all: