The First Photos of Tiger; Kelly Bensimon Bares All

cityfile · 01/20/10 08:19AM

• The first photos of Tiger Woods at Mississippi sex rehab facility he's been staying at have arrived. He's wearing a hoodie, baseball cap, and pair of shorts in the pics. And he has a not-so-happy expression on his face, which is probably how you'd respond, too, if you were in sex rehab and you walked out of your front door to find a National Enquirer photographer lying in wait. [NE]
• Will today be the day Conan finally settles with NBC? Quite possibly. [NYDN]
• Several of Lindsay Lohan's friends think she may be cutting herself (again) after she showed up at a pre-Golden Globes party with a fresh scar on her arm. In other LiLo news, she was spotted making out with a random French actor the other night, in case that news is of any interest you. [NYDN, TMZ]
• Are you ready to bid adieu to the charming cast of cable TV's classiest new reality show? Yes, the finale of Jersey Shore airs on MTV tomorrow night. But it will be followed by a one-hour reunion special and producers are already hard at work on prequel called "Before the Shore," so rest assured you'll be seeing plenty of the Shore crew in the months ahead. [NYP]
• Just in time for the new season of Real Housewives of New York City, Kelly Killoren Bensimon has agreed to appear in the March issue of Playboy. The 41-year-old mother of two will appear on the cover. But there will also be six-page "nude pictorial"—shot by Kelly's ex-husband Gilles Bensimon—inside the magazine as well, you'll undoubtedly be thrilled to hear. [Us, P6]

Ali Wise Seeks a Deal

cityfile · 01/14/10 02:07PM

Ali Wise, NYC's most famous ex-publicist/alleged voicemail hacker, turned up in court this morning! But don't expect to see droves of socialites flocking to Manhattan Criminal Court in the months ahead to show their support when Wise takes the stand. Her lawyers are now looking to cut a deal with prosecutors and avoid a trial:

LiLo's Hit-and-Run; Another Headache for Beyonce

cityfile · 01/11/10 07:44AM

• A photographer says he plans to file a lawsuit against Lindsay Lohan after her driver "nearly killed" him in a hit-and-run accident on Sunday. The paparazzo says he's "lucky to be alive" and now plans to make sure Lindsay "goes to jail" for her crimes despite the fact LiLo wasn't even the one driving, and the photographer only injured his wrist and never even had to go to the hospital. [TMZ, NYP]
• Have Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly set a date? According to the Post, which conducted an undercover investigation last week, the couple are planning to get married in November at the Oheka Castle on Long Island, which is where Kevin Jonas got married recently. [NYP]
• Another Beyoncé concert is stirring up controversy. Less than two weeks after she got into trouble for performing for Hannibal Khadafy comes the news that residents of Trinidad are up in arms over a $1 million Beyoncé concert planned for February 18. Locals claim it will divert from the country's annual Carnival celebration. [Sun]

Ali Wise Returns to the Biz (Updated)

cityfile · 12/02/09 11:48AM

Did scandal-plagued publicist/alleged voicemail hacker Ali Wise just lose a job she only started a couple of weeks ago? [Update: No, she didn't; see below.] A tipster tells us that in recent weeks Wise has been doing unofficial PR for good friend Stacey Bendet's clothing line, Alice + Olivia.

Ali Wise Tells a Different Tale

cityfile · 11/25/09 10:57AM

So much for that report in the Daily News yesterday that fallen publicist/socialite Ali Wise has signed on to appear in Tinsley Mortimer's upcoming reality show, Empire State. A publicist for Wise—yes, even publicists have their own publicists from time to time—says that Wise has not (yet?) agreed to appear on the CW show.

Ali Teams with Tinsley; Hair Trouble for Agy

cityfile · 11/24/09 07:26AM

• Is disgraced publicist Ali Wise the latest addition to the cast of Tinsley Mortimer's upcoming reality show? Possibly! Wise apparently wants people to know "she's still out on the scene and doing fine" and taped an appearance at the opening of pal Stacey Bendet's new store last week. And she's expected to turn up in other episodes of the show. Let's just hope that Wise—who allegedly stalked women her ex dated—and the Tinz don't clash over any German princes or former American Idol contestants, or things could get ugly. [NYDN]
• In case you were worried that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds were going through a rough patch, you can stop stressing. They celebrated her birthday at a club in the meatpacking district over the weekend and reportedly "looked very much in love all night." [P6]
• Penelope Cruise still hasn't confirmed whether or not she's engaged to Javier Bardem, but she's been shopping for a wedding dress recently, at least according to In Touch magazine's "sources." [In Touch via NYDN]
Agyness Deyn's super-short hair is her signature, but it has its downsides, too, it seems. A woman propositioned the Brit model at a party the other night. Deyn "politely turned her down." [P6]

Salman Strikes Back

cityfile · 10/21/09 06:27AM

• Yesterday, Broadway actress Pia Glenn slammed Salman Rushdie, saying her ex-boyfriend was "dysfunctional" and was still obsessed with his ex-wife, Padma Lakshmi. Today, it's Rushdie's turn to hit back. Not has he "long ago turned the page and moved on" from Lakshmi, he says, he would also like you to know that Glenn is "a large, radioactive bucket of stress," "an accomplished liar," and also happens to be "broke and unemployed." So we're guessing a reconciliation is totally out of the question here? [P6]
• Expect to see an angry video by Tricia Walsh-Smith posted to YouTube any minute now. A state appeals court rejected the rage-filled divorcée's motion to undo her pre-nup to theater mogul Philip Smith yesterday. [P6]
• A California teenager has been charged with burglarizing Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge's homes and making off with $170,000. [People, NYDN]
• Is Ali Wise's PR career over now that four women have accused her of voicemail hacking? That's what the Post suggests today, with a source telling the paper that "Wise is now radioactive in the industry." Then again, if there's anything we can learn from Lizzie Grubman's not-so-pretty past, it's that people who work in PR tend to be a very forgiving bunch. [NYP]

Spoofcards For Dummies

cityfile · 10/20/09 11:37AM

Are you still a little confused how socialite Ali Wise managed to hack into the voicemail of four other women using a Spoofcard? You're in luck! The Post was kind enough to publish a guide to breaking into your bitter enemy's voicemail today. Proceed with caution! [NYP]

LiLo's Stumble; Salman's Regrets

cityfile · 10/20/09 06:30AM

• Lindsay Lohan is having another bad week. At the Whitney Museum of Art Gala last night, the "jelly-legged actress" had to hold on to a fence for "dear life" as she "stumbled out of the glitzy bash." But Mischa Barton was looking surprisingly put together, so that's good news, right? [Daily Mail, Sun]
• It's been a few years since Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi split up, but the author is still obsessed with his ex-wife and talks about her "day and night," says Rushdie's most recent girlfriend, Broadway actress Pia Glenn. She also says Rushdie broke things off with her via email and may have been just using her for sex. [P6]
• Ali Wise, the socialite/ex-Dolce & Gabbana publicist who appeared in court yesterday on charges she hacked into a rival's phone, won't have to mount her defense until January. But there are four women now claiming Wise broke into their voicemail accounts now, not just one. [NYDN]

Ali Wise Returns to Fashion Week

cityfile · 09/14/09 10:03AM

Ali Wise, the socialite/ex-Dolce & Gabanna publicist accused of hacking into the voicemail of interior designer Nina Freudenberger, hasn't been completely MIA since her arrest back in July. But she has been keeping a lower profile in recent weeks, supposedly because she's been looking to "protect her supportive parents from public humiliation," according to Page Six magazine. She made an exception on Friday, though, when she turned up at the Fashion Week show of her good friend Charlotte Ronson hidden behind dark sunglasses. (Somewhat ironically, she held up a copy of The Daily with the headline "How You Cope!" for a passing photographer.) A couple of photos of Wise's return to Fashion Week below:

In Defense of Ali

cityfile · 09/10/09 09:48AM

The new issue of Page Six Magazine (which is now back as a quarterly) has an update on Ali Wise, the socialite/publicist who was arrested back in July for allegedly hacking into the voicemail of socialite/interior decorator Nina Freudenberger.

Gwyneth's Breasts Take Barcelona by Storm!

Andrew Belonsky · 09/09/09 05:00AM

Gwyneth needs a better bra. The gays need not beg to kiss George Clooney. And Megan Fox knows she doesn't need a sex tape. All that and more in your Wednesday morning Gossip Roundup!