Latest to adopt "Tom Sawyer" strategy: Photobucket

Owen Thomas · 04/22/08 12:00PM

Photobucket, the News Corp.-owned photo-sharing site, is introducing an application programming interface, or API, in an effort to catch up with Yahoo's Flickr. One of the benefits, Photobucket CEO Alex Welch implies, will be having independent developers do Photobucket's R&D for it and come up with new ways to line Rupert Murdoch's pocket: "If we see a noncommercial application that's doing something clearly in our commercial terms of service or doing something very creative, it's our responsibility to go out and figure a way to partner." []

Click three times: Chin up, Alex Welch!

Nick Douglas · 08/18/06 05:19PM

Wallowing in the muck of Silicon Valley makes everyone homesick from time to time. A reader says they saw one startup chief reach that moment in public.