Gerard and Jessica Date; Rosie & Kelli Split?

cityfile · 10/22/09 06:21AM

• Jessica Simpson and Gerard Butler went to Soho House on a date on Tuesday night. Then again, the duo had to be "chaperoned" by friends including Simpson's BFF/hair stylist Ken Paves, which hardly sounds very romantic, does it? [P6]
• It may be over for the most famous lesbian couple in America, Rosie O'Donnell and Kelli Carpenter. Rosie acknowledges the two are having "issues" and says they're trying to work things out. But Carpenter may have already moved out of the home they share in Nyack, which probably isn't a good sign. [People]
• Jill Zarin has no manners. When the "Real Housewife" appeared at the opening of "Memphis" on Broadway the other night, she arrived 30 minutes late and with an entourage in tow and disrupted audience members when they moved into their seats. Then she blabbed for 15 minutes during the show. [P6]

Diller's Stepson May Lose His Front-Row Lakers Seats

Nick Denton · 06/02/08 02:34PM

There's one person apart from shareholder John Malone who stands to lose when IAC is broken up: Alex von Furstenberg, adopted son of the internet conglomerate's boss, Barry Diller. The shaved-headed socialite, Diane von Furstenberg's son by her first gay husband, will still inherit a large part of his adoring stepfather's fortune. But after IAC is divided into five, Alex von Furstenberg may have trouble securing the front-row seats at Lakers games that are such a mark of social status in Los Angeles, where von Furstenberg has lived since 2005. He's been relying on Diller's office to cadge tickets to the bastketball games from Ticketmaster, the online ticketing service which IAC is spinning off. The IAC boss will remain chairman of Ticketmaster after the split, but one peons still hopes Diller and his relatives will no longer be able to use the service as a personal favor bank.

Diller's Dynasty

Nick Denton · 03/13/08 02:18PM

Here's more evidence that Barry Diller sees the family of his companion, Diane von Furstenberg, as the dynasty the gay media mogul would never have otherwise had. The court battle over control of Diller's IAC has turned up an email in which Diller discussed a plan to seize voting control of the internet conglomerate. The recipient: not a business advisor, but sexy baldie Alex von Furstenberg, son of the fashion designer and likely heir to Diller's fortune.

Why Did Barry Diller Marry?

Nick Denton · 02/07/08 04:17PM

Despite the beating the IAC boss is receiving in the business press, Barry Diller showed up last night at the grandest party of Fashion Week, the bizarre event sponsored by Gucci for poor Malawian children each of whom could survive a decade for the price of the fashion label's more expensive accessories. By the internet mogul's side, as usual, Diane von Furstenberg, the fashion designer he wed in 2001. Which is as good a time as any to ask the age-old question: why on earth does 65-year-old Diller, an inducted member of the boy-loving velvet mafia, persist with such a sham of a marriage? (Clue: it's something to do with the good-looking baldie on the left.)