Ken Layne · 01/03/14 02:19PM

An entire decade ago, Gawker Media launched a D.C. spinoff called Wonkette. There were no iPhones or tablets or black presidents then, just crude weapons such as "blogs" and "the Blingee." Now-old editors including Alex Pareene, Jason Linkins, Josh Fruhlinger, Kirsten Boyd Johnson and "Ken Layne" are today sharing their mostly heartbreaking tales of madness, booze, blood and Santorum on this blessed anniversary. (Original editor Ana Marie Cox skipped the reunion.) Wonkette itself was spun off (to me!) in 2008, and continues as a filthy website about the vile comedy of politics, led by Wonkette-in-Chief Rebecca Schoenkopf.

Tom Scocca · 08/16/13 11:46AM

More thoughts on PandoDaily's rage eruption: "[N]o one is 'shocked.' People are actually just saying, 'can you believe what a prick this guy is?' That inability to discern between puritanical umbrage at a teller-of-bold-truths and the normal reaction to a repellent personality is just one of the blind spots you develop when you imagine yourself swaggering about in 'the major leagues.'”

Gawker in 2008

Nick Denton · 01/02/08 10:33AM

NICK DENTON — I am, says Jacob Weisberg, doing a "Cheney" — heading the search committee for a new managing editor of Gawker, and choosing myself. Thanks for that. Yes, Brian Stelter had the story right. The site won't change much: it will remain focused on media gossip and pop culture; Alex Pareene will blog the breaking news; Maggie Shnayerson will continue to embarrass the magazine industry and permalancer-abusing media conglomerates such as Viacom; and Sheila McClear will cover book publishing. We'll be adding some new contributors over the next few weeks. To begin: Richard Morgan, who'll focus on the TV networks; Nick Douglas, a Gawker Media veteran, as our early warning antenna for Youtube clips and other pop culture phenomena on the web; Richard Lawson, better known as the commenter lolcait, will be running the site's new photo caption contest. Oh, and there's a surprise guest, this afternoon at 2pm, in the comments. After the jump, other new year changes at Gawker's sibling titles, if you're interested.

Pareene · 10/15/07 09:20AM

Hi everyone! I'm Alex Pareene, the new guy. Or the old guy, sort of, as I've actually worked in the Gawker bile factory in some capacity for most of my adult life, like a little Dickensian orphan. I am from Minneapolis, I edited Wonkette from January of 2006 until last Friday, I thought The Darjeeling Limited was way better than The Life Aquatic but still basically disappointing, and although I am slightly allergic to cats I totally don't mind if you have one. The last time I did Gawker was, I believe, the first time Lindsay Lohan crashed her car into something or someone, so let's hope for the same kind of luck today.

Please Welcome Alex Pareene

Choire · 10/02/07 02:00PM

22-year-old N.Y.U. dropout Alex Pareene has been forced to live in Washington, D.C. for more than a year now. He took over at Wonkette in January, 2006. That is sad, because D.C. is no place for the young. (Except for the getting robbed. That's good for kids.) I have rectified this situation. As Alex Balk leaves us, although he may be irreplaceable, at least a new Alex shall rise. He starts Monday after next, and will be back in New York as soon as he and his girlfriend (I know, right?) can work that out. It's not like we pay relocation costs or anything. I'm sure they'll find an apartment somewhere Rockaways-adjacent!