The Porno Judge and the Newspaper

Pareene · 06/17/08 09:20AM

Remember Alex Kozinski, the 9th Circuit Court Judge who's been forced to recuse himself from an obscenity trial because of BESTIALITY PORN POSTED ON HIS WEBSITE? What a wacky story, right? Hah! That maroon! Yes well it turns out it's actually a depressing tale of outright journalistic malfeasance that could impact an important first amendment case, but whatever. The Judge, Alex Kozinski, has already declared a mistrial, and all that's left is for his wife to pen angry letters to blogs. It's all the L.A. Times' fault!

Obscenity trial judge a pervert like the rest of us

Melissa Gira Grant · 06/13/08 05:20PM

The Los Angeles Times revealed that 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski was hosting some porny images of girls done up like cows and other niceties on what he thought was a private server. Smut pundit Susannah Breslin suggests that now Judge Kozinski himself may be the one testing the limits of the "2 Girls, 1 Cup defense" that defendant Ira Isaacs was going for. Namely, that what was once "obscene" is now merely "shocking" and fine for the whole family to make YouTube response videos about.

Is Obscenity Trial Judge Just a Porn-Loving Target of Disgruntled Lawyer?

STV · 06/13/08 12:00PM

The twists just keep on coming in the now-suspended Obscenity Trial of the Century, in which defendant and celebrated poo-vid helmer Ira Isaacs has taken a back seat to the trial's own judge — Alex Kozinski, himself recently revealed (by a grudge-holding lawyer, natch, but we'll get to that) to be a connoisseur of impeccable barnyard porn and transsexual slidshows on his publicly available Web site. This obviously isn't sitting well with the judiciary or even with Kozinski himself, a Supreme Court short-lister who said Thursday he would cooperate with an investigation of his own alleged wrongdoing:

Obscenity Trial Judge Was Pretty Sure That No One Could Access His Personal Porn Website

STV · 06/11/08 03:00PM

This shit literally never gets old: In addition to being one of the sicker defendants with a federal case currently pending against him, up until yesterday it appeared that scat-and-bestiality auteur Ira Isaacs was also among the luckiest. After all, his judge, Alex Kozinski — randomly selected in a rotation with other jurists in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — had a reputation for libertarian thinking and had established proven freedom-of-speech creds. So progressive was His Honor, in fact, that he even maintained a publicly available Web site featuring his own collection of sexually explicit images (which has since been shuttered).