After Jimmy Fallon, Is Kevin Rose's Buddy Act Over?

Owen Thomas · 03/12/09 03:02AM

Did you hear? Digg founder Kevin Rose was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday. As was Rose's forgettable Diggnation cohost — what's his name? Ah, yes — Alex Albrecht, who we hear wants out.

You must be this tall to ride Alex Albrecht

Owen Thomas · 10/13/08 06:00PM

The bromance between Diggnation cohosts Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose is so palpable, and same-sex marriage so trendy, that I was a bit surprised to hear that Albrecht was engaged to someone else. Aw, Kevin, I hope you don't feel jilted! Someone will make an honest man of you, someday. The two performed their Web show live on stage at the Future of Web Apps conference in London — which, we hear, was just like Cyprus but without the crystal-blue sea and the matching swimsuits. Can you think of a better caption? Leave it in the comments. The best will become the post's new headline. Friday's winner: franky, for "Mark Zuckerberg signs petition against new Facebook design." (Photo by jimjarmo)

Alex Albrecht and friends play World of Warcraft for fun and profit

Jackson West · 07/15/08 06:20PM

If, that is, they tweak the formula. In the first show, Albrecht and friends run through an "instance," or dungeon quest, that's far too easy for their characters — the idea is to offer tips and tricks for some of the harder parts of the end of the game. The most entertaining parts are watching them bicker over the various pieces of treasure won when defeating difficult monsters in the game. While the show has undeniable appeal to the inevitable cross-over between WoW players and Diggnation viewers, the testosterone level is pretty high even for that audience. A guest appearance by the likes of The Guild's Felicia Day would do wonders to broaden the appeal of the show a bit.

Alex Albrecht's top secret new project has a name: Project Lore

Jackson West · 06/23/08 05:20PM

Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht has been working on a new project behind the scenes for months now, and it could soon be coming to a browser near you — a tipster pointed us to, which is currently behind password protection, and an unused Twitter account by the same name. What could it be? Your guess is as good as mine. But it's my understanding that it's going to be a Hollywood-sized production.

Kevin Rose no longer single — but who's he dating?

Owen Thomas · 06/11/08 04:20PM

San Francisco's Web 2.0 playboy, Kevin Rose, has been laying low since his much-publicized affair with Internet notoriety provider Julia Allison in Miami (shown here, in a previously unpublished photo, with Rose). But on Facebook yesterday, Rose took the word "single" off his profile. A tipster says Rose is dating again, but we haven't heard the lucky lady's name yet. We're guessing she's a newcomer to town, since Rose's Diggnation cohost, Alex Albrecht, once drunkenly noted that Rose has dated quite a few locals. Rose's Facebook update, after the jump:

Hulu nabs Diggnation and other Revision3 shows

Jackson West · 05/15/08 02:40PM

Hulu, the online video site created as a joint venture between NBC and News Corp., will distribute shows from content startup Revision3, which focuses on shows broadly related to technology. Now you can easily switch between WWE wrestling matches and watching Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose getting drunk without having to turn off your laptop. [Silicon Alley Insider]

A is for Adelson, who cofounded Digg

Owen Thomas · 05/07/08 06:40PM

Digg cofounder Jay Adelson is now asked by the likes of Kara Swisher how he'd fix big media companies, as in this clip. But there was a time when he barely knew what to do with his own Internet startup, Equinix. That tale and more covers 54 out of 294 pages in Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good, Sarah Lacy's soon-to-be-released book about Web 2.0. The first page of the book's index, one of many to come:

Behind the scenes at the Mahalo Daily Idol auditions

Jackson West · 04/19/08 02:23PM

Bonny Pierzina broadcasted from live behind the scenes in Santa Monica for the Mahalo Daily Idol auditions via, and I've been assured that archives will be made available. The three judge panel of Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis, DiggNation co-host Alex Albrecht and cantankerous vlogger Loren Feldman voted Valleywag favorite Sarah Atwood on to the second round — glad to hear they didn't hold our endorsement against her. Audition wrap-up from the judges after the jump.

"Kevin Rose has basically plowed through everybody"

Jordan Golson · 04/11/08 05:00PM

We may have been thrown out of the TechCrunch party last night, but bulldog aficionado Jason Calacanis did our dirty work for us. Calacanis caught up with Kevin Rose's cohost on the Diggnation podcast, Alex Albrecht, and asked him about Kevin Rose's dating habits. It's not pretty.

Vlog Hot: Nerdboys Heat 2

Chris Mohney · 02/26/07 03:09PM

Moving right along, here's the second crop of primo boyflesh for your delectation. The menu includes Alex Albrecht, Loren Feldman, Steve Garfield, Jonathan London, Kevin Rose, and my man Gary Ruplinger. Voting commences after the jump.

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Pirates of Silicon Valley II: Our Candidates for the Cast

Nick Douglas · 01/30/07 04:29PM

NICK DOUGLAS — While dust gathers on our old VHS copies of Pirates of Silicon Valley (for us, Noah Wyle's career hit its high point with his role as Steve Jobs), it's time to cast the sequel. Starring the Daily Show's Demetri Martin as Digg founder Kevin Rose, Jason Bateman as Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht and Rush Limbaugh as John C. Dvorak, the show also includes stars playing Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Merlin Mann, and Google's Marissa Mayer.

Podcast roundup: Drunk Diggnation wins

ndouglas · 03/08/06 07:11PM

Om and Niall PodSession: Om Malik promises a "big surprise" at the end of the latest episode. OMG MAJOR SPOILER WARNING: Google News picked up Om's blog. Yay. Weird thing is, he thanks the Google News and Blogger teams. Actual people update Google News sources? Don't they have robots for that?