John Krasinski Is A Hideous Man

STV · 01/20/09 05:30PM

Six years ago, before John Krasinski was John Krasinski, his crazy dream of filming the story collection Brief Interviews With Hideous Men was little more than just that.

'I Had Radio in My Teeth!': When Spielberg Met Warhol

STV · 12/30/08 02:31PM

The accompanying video really requires no comment beyond a statement of its simple, almost otherworldly concept: Andy Warhol interviews Steven Spielberg. On a hotel bed. Bianca Jagger looks on. And something is swallowed.

Defamer's Last-Minute Gift Guide

McCluskey and Miller · 12/23/08 02:53PM

It's December 23rd. Do you know where your presents are? If you have not made your obligatory trips to the Grove or its fraternal Armenian twin The Americana at Brand, we'll save you some time.

'Yes' He Can't

Seth Abramovitch · 12/22/08 12:10PM

Studios found no happy surprises beneath the Chrismukkah bush today, as snowed-in audiences opted out of Will Smith's messianic broodiness and Jim Carrey saying "yes" more times than Tara Reid at the Promises buffet line.