Gabrielle Bluestone · 05/19/13 10:56AM

As the National Transportation Safety Board promotes a new, stricter BAC limit of .05 to drive, the hospitality industry is worried about a "chilling effect" on alcohol sales.

Guy's Drunk Wife Tells Him a Lame Joke; He Animates the Result

Neetzan Zimmerman · 05/03/13 08:09AM

Remember the other day when you were saying how much you loved the sketch series "Drunk History" but that you wished how instead of history it was a corny joke about tortilla chips that Morgan Patch told her husband Adam while sauced off her ass on a bottle of wine, which he then turned into an animated short?

Woman Arrested for Mixing a Lethal Screwdriver in Starbucks' OJ Cooler

Adam Weinstein · 05/02/13 07:35AM

Police arrested a woman Tuesday after she allegedly slipped two "tainted" bottles of orange juice into the drink fridge at a San Jose Starbucks. Authorities charged her with attempted murder, saying the bottles contained a "lethal dose" of rubbing alcohol. How much is that, exactly? Glad you asked.

Doctors Can Now Keep Livers Alive Longer

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 03/17/13 03:15PM

Great news for people who abuse their livers (on this day of widespread liver abuse) — doctors in Britain have perfected a device that will keep livers alive longer, drastically increasing the availability of viable transplants. The team presented the device on Friday, announcing that "it could be common practice in hospitals across the developed world within a few years, up to doubling the number of livers available for transplant."