Andrew Cuomo Pushes Tepid Campaign Finance Reform as Preet Bharara Finds Corruption "Everywhere We Look"

Brendan O'Connor · 06/09/16 08:50AM

On Wednesday, shortly after Norman Seabrook, president of New York City’s jail officers’ union, was arrested on corruption charges, Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a speech promising new regulations on independent expenditure committees (a.k.a. super PACs). This is the fourth time in five years that the governor has proposed such regulations, Politico reports, which—even in the unlikely event of them passing—would not actually do very much to ameliorate corruption in New York.

Hamilton Nolan · 03/14/16 02:53PM

Three proposals for how to make Albany less corrupt: Andrew Cuomo wants to limit lawmakers’ outside income to $12K; Democrats want to limit it to $70K; and Republicans want no limit. Contemplate a setting in which Andrew Cuomo is the least corrupt thinker.

Hamilton Nolan · 03/31/15 08:58AM

The New York state government, one of the most corrupt bodies in America, has just passed a tax break for purchasers of yachts costing more than a quarter of a million dollars. "It's about job creation," said one of the many Albany indistinguishable leaders who will, god willing, be marched off to jail one day.

New York State Politicians Are Still For Sale

Hamilton Nolan · 12/08/14 11:30AM

Grim-face political celebukid and New York governor Andrew Cuomo has long vowed that he wants to reform the corrupt political cesspool that is Albany. How's that going?

Andrew Cuomo’s Ethics Panel Exposes Andrew Cuomo’s Shadiness

J.K. Trotter · 07/23/14 12:30PM

Last year, Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic governor of New York, assembled an independent ethics panel to expose the pernicious, deep-rooted culture of corruption in Albany. In its own way, it worked: Today’s New York Times has a big feature recounting how Cuomo sought to steer—and in some cases quash—the panel’s investigations when they got too close to his own turf.

Will This New York Same-Sex Marriage Vote Ever Happen?

Jim Newell · 06/23/11 02:53PM

It's been difficult to follow the developments this week in the fight for same-sex marriage in New York. Someone on Twitter says "EXCLUSIVE: VOTE HAPPENING TONIGHT," and then five minutes later, "UPDATE: NO VOTE EVER." So let's try to make some sense of what's happening.

Umbrella-Wielding Homosexual Activists Ruin Peaceful Family Rally

Richard Lawson · 07/19/10 01:23PM

Watch as gay freaks who want families of their own, and thus hate families, "bully and intimidate" a poor Albany woman who was just trying to sit and watch a National Organization for Marriage rally in peace. She was threatened!

Andrew Cuomo's 'Wizard of Oz' Routine Irks Press

Jeff Neumann · 04/13/10 04:38AM

Reporters are tired of the Attorney General's late night, off the record phone calls, and want some face time. Cuomo doesn't seem to care what they think. So what are these reporters going to do about it?