Hovercraft-Riding Alaskan Moose Hunter Opens New Frontier in Fight Against Feds

Andy Cush · 01/19/16 11:56AM

Frankly, the Oregon militia boys are getting kind of boring. The authorities’ decision to avoid engaging with their antics is looking prescient: Without an enemy, the men occupying a federal wildlife reserve have been reduced from rifle-toting badasses to rifle-toting dildo whiners. So where to turn for your anti-federal government kicks now? Enter John Sturgeon, Alaska’s favorite hovercrafting moose hunter.

Obama Jerks Off Fish by Accident

Kelly Conaboy · 09/03/15 03:30PM

As a lady it brings me no pleasure to tell you that yesterday while President Barack Obama was doing a little fishing in Dillingham, Alaska at Kanakanak Beach, a big salmon jizzed all over him. Our President: President Barack Obama.

Some Other Things We Could Name After William McKinley Instead

Alex Pareene · 08/31/15 01:30PM

Today there is one less large thing named after a man from Ohio, and the other men from Ohio are hopping mad. “Our beloved Ohio man needs his name on the large thing,” they cry. Their cries fall on deaf ears: Alaska’s Mt. McKinley is now Denali.