But Is It Gay Enough?: The Imitation Game

Rich Juzwiak · 11/26/14 10:40AM

Alan Turing is a prime example of the kind of historical figure people cite as proof that one's sexuality has no bearing on one's accomplishments. Turing essentially invented the computer and formalized much that comes with it, including the algorithm and the concept of artificial intelligence. According to Winston Churchill, Turing made the single biggest contribution to the Allies' victory in World War II. How could it possibly matter that he was also gay?

Computer Program "Passes" Turing Test for the First Time

Aleksander Chan · 06/08/14 07:23PM

Sixty years to the day of his death, a computer at the University of Reading passed Alan Turing's test Saturday, successfully convincing judges that they were communicating with a human. UPDATE 6/10: As io9 and others have pointed out, it was not a computer (or a supercomputer) but a chat bot — a program designed to mimic human conversation—that "passed" the Turing Test.

Unbreakable WWII Code Found on Long-Dead Pigeon

Mallory Ortberg · 11/24/12 01:29PM

Because sometimes life is every bit as exciting and riddled with mysteries as you had hoped it would be as a cunning, hopeful child, a man in southern England has discovered the remains of a homing pigeon carrying an encrypted message for a British intelligence agency while renovating his 17th-century fireplace. The man, David Martin, found the remains of the pigeon back in 1982 but the existence of the message remained a secret until earlier this month.

Sorry About the Gay Witchhunt, Alan Turing

Ryan Tate · 09/10/09 08:07PM

The online petition is just about the least convincing showcase of political will yet devised. But it can still trigger meaningful action, like the British Prime Minister's apology to the late computer science pioneer Alan Turing, persecuted for being gay.

An Apology for Alan Turing

Ryan Tate · 08/17/09 12:32PM

Acclaimed mathematician Alan Turing provided a blueprint for the modern computer and helped break German codes during World War II. As a reward, the British government chemically castrated him to "cure" his homosexuality, driving Turing to suicide. Regrettable? Not officially.