​Al Sharpton's Finances Are, as Ever, Supremely Sketchy

Tom Scocca · 11/18/14 03:30PM

The New York Times checked up today on the financial situation of the Reverend Al Sharpton, New York and America's most public private citizen. The setup is about how Sharpton has gone from outsider to insider, track suits to tailored suits, "from the streets to the suites," in his words, etc. Then we learn—well, "learn" isn't exactly the right word, given how well-documented all of Sharpton's aspects have been through the years.

Sarah Hedgecock · 04/08/14 02:25PM

Rev. Al Sharpton speaks during a news conference in New York on Tuesday. He says a report that he spied on New York Mafia figures for the FBI in the 1980s is old news. Image via Seth Wenig/AP.

Lacey Donohue · 09/17/13 10:51PM

Trailing Bill de Blasio by huge numbers in the latest polls, New York City Republican mayoral candidate Joseph Lhota took a 25-minute closed-door meeting with Al Sharpton Tuesday night in an attempt to appeal to crossover voters. Topics discussed? Education, housing and stop-and-frisk.

The 'Best' Ad Yet from MSNBC's 'Lean Forward' Campaign

Jim Newell · 11/23/11 12:51PM

Gather round, cable news promotional campaign junkies, because here's the latest ad from MSNBC's esteemed "Lean Forward" series — starring Al Sharpton! How do the suits go about portraying him as a common sense problem-solving liberal? Ed Schultz, for example, sips coffee in a crappy diner or wanders around a shipyard muttering to himself about labor, while Rachel Maddow stands next to a dam and says "how 'bout that dam." Only Al Sharpton, though, gets to scream about pie.

Jon Stewart: Are We Expecting Too Much From Occupy Wall Street?

Matt Cherette · 10/19/11 11:16PM

Al Sharpton joined Jon Stewart on The Daily Show tonight. When the subject turned to Occupy Wall Street, Sharpton expressed his support for the movement, but Stewart wasn't quite as enthusiastic, taking issue with some of the protesters' attention-getting theatrics. Stewart also wondered about where Occupy Wall Street goes from here. "What they've done there is so unusual that it can't be ignored," Stewart started. But now that they've managed to capture the world's attention, we're left asking, "When are you going to change the world for us?"

Watch Al Sharpton Get Tangled by a Teleprompter

Matt Cherette · 08/10/11 03:58AM

Newly minted MSNBC anchor Al Sharpton took to the airwaves on Tuesday evening to say that the outcome of Wisconsin's recall elections would indicate whether Americans on the whole are ready to "push back" against the evils of government. And then he spouted off a bunch jumbled words that made no sense, and yet at the same time it may have been the most entertaining thing he's ever said on live television. Video of Sharpton's flub is above.

Al Sharpton Will Be Your Next MSNBC Host

Max Read · 07/20/11 10:51PM

Al Sharpton will almost certainly be the host for MSNBC's recently opened-up 6 p.m. time slot, reports The New York Times, which describes the hiring as "imminent." He's actually been "guest-hosting" in that slot for the last three weeks, if you are among the apparent millions who tune in; previously, the spot was occupied by Cenk Uygur, who left claiming he'd been told by MSNBC president Phil Griffin that "people in Washington... did not like [his] tone." (Griffin says he told Uygur to adjust his body language.) Our choice for the 6 p.m. slot would have been a constant replay of Mark Halperin saying the word "dick," but we're not in charge. [NYT, photo via AP]