Three Women Arrested in al Shabaab Financing Conspiracy

Aleksander Chan · 07/23/14 06:16PM

Three women were arrested and two more are being sought in connection to an alleged financing conspiracy for the extremist Muslim group al Shabaab, the Justice Department announced Wednesday. The women arrested today were allegedly the heads of a network of mostly women that would funnel money to the insurgents in Somalia and Kenya disguised as donations to orphans and other philanthropic causes.

Privileged Pussy: Terrorism, Torture and American Tomorrows

Safy-Hallan Farah · 10/20/12 01:46PM

When I was little there was no such thing as terrorism and there was no such thing as Female Genital Mutilation. I lived an oblivious, suburban life up until 1999, when I moved to Minneapolis, where I still reside today. I'll never forget the day when Zuhar, my cousin and next-door neighbor, asked me if I was circumcised.