Al Roker Cannot Believe This Snow Shit Bill de Blasio Is Pulling

J.K. Trotter · 02/13/14 02:10PM

Today Show weatherman Al Roker is very angry with Bill de Blasio. At a Thursday morning press conference, the New York City mayor blamed meteorologists for botching their snow forecasts, thereby giving the city grounds to keep public schools open. “Early weather forecasts showed just 3 inches of snow incoming,” he argued. (It’s now at 9.5 inches.) That’s when Al Roker opened his Twitter account:

Matt Lauer and Al Roker Had Their Butts Examined Live on Today

Caity Weaver · 11/07/13 01:23PM

Today on Today, viewers were treated to a segment in which Matt Lauer and his cheeriest frenemy Al Roker received digital rectal prostate exams live on air. As you might expect from a television program that devoted equivalent Twitter promotion to this as it did to this week's Throwback Thursday theme ("favorite chick flicks"—tweet using the hashtag #TODAYtbt), the segment was handled with all the gravitas of a clown's funeral.

Al Roker Loses His Shit (Metaphorically This Time) After Meeting Joe Biden

Kate Bennert · 01/21/13 06:15PM

Not to be forgotten, Al Roker—TV news correspondent, Today Show weatherman, and White House sharter—made everyone uncomfortable again today when he shouted insanely at the President and Vice President until they acknowledged his existence. "I love Joe Biden," said Al Roker, as he rocked back and forth like a small child waiting in line for the bathroom. Biden, ever-suave, ducked out of the parade to shake Mr. Roker's hand and that was that.

Concerned Citizen on the Today Show Reminds Everyone That Al Roker Sharted Himself

Kate Bennert · 01/15/13 01:35PM

This morning on the Today Show, Al Roker was in Chicago to talk to a TV fireman about the weather, but one concerned individual would rather we keep talking about that time when Al Roker #sharted at the White House. Suspecting that we may be getting off track, this brave man (apparently a radio DJ in Chicago) was there to redirect the national conversation by holding up a simple cue card: "#shart." (Upper left hand corner; later, front and center.) And yet when NBC's camera man tried to pan away, our hero went above and beyond the call of duty to get back in the shot.

What The Hell Is Wrong With Al Roker?

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/21/12 09:17AM

Al Roker appeared to malfunction during an episode of the Today Show late last week, remaining frozen on screen for several long seconds.

The Today Show Under Attack by Deranged Weirdo

Brian Moylan · 02/22/11 01:24PM

Taping in Rockefeller Center sure is dangerous, and not because of all the annoying tourists. Today while taping in the outdoor plaza, a crazy person hopped the barricade and lunged for hosts Meredith Vieira, Al Roker, and an android known as the Willie Geist 3000. Don't worry, no weathermen were injured in the making of this film.

Ringing Church Bell Ruins Al Roker's Weather Forecast

Whitney Jefferson · 01/12/11 11:30AM

How much do you think Al Roker hates his co-hosts during this broadcast? He's stuck in Boston during a storm that's still going strong. When he goes live, Natalie and Matt can't stop giggling about the bells in the background.