Who Had Monica Lewinsky Kicked Out of Al Gore's Box at Cannes?

Gabrielle Bluestone · 06/29/15 01:15PM

According to a report in the Guardian, Monica Lewinsky came this close to sitting in the same box as Al Gore this weekend at Cannes before organizers wised up and tossed her out—narrowly averting a crisis, maybe, if this had happened in say, 1998. Mon dieu, quelle horreur. Can you even imagine?

The Government's Security-Check Provider "Flushed" Files to Get Paid

Tom Scocca · 09/27/13 03:58PM

Remember when Al Gore and the Clinton Administration made everyone happy by "reinventing government" back in the '90s, on the principle that government functions would be more efficient if a third-party private intermediary were taking profits on them, because the invisible hand of the free market will always produce optimal results? The New York Times has an update on the operations of USIS, the company born in 1996 with the privatization of the Office of Personnel Management's investigative operations.

Sarah Palin's Marathon Time Was Two Minutes Faster Than Paul Ryan's

Taylor Berman · 09/03/12 03:45PM

It was bad enough that Paul Ryan compulsively lied about his marathon time, but now comes word that, among recent vice-presidential candidates who ran marathons, Ryan is only the third fastest. John Edwards posted the fastest time at three hours and thirty minutes. Impressive, if not super surprising; you don't get to be as monstrously vain and awful as him without a masochistic workout regimen. The real surprise here, though – and the one sure to sting the most to Ryan – is the report that former Alaska Governor and current reality TV matriarch Sarah Palin ran a marathon in three hours and fifty-nine minutes, a full two minutes faster than Ryan's time.

Al Gore Shuns Rick Perry, Outs the Host on Colbert Report

Matt Cherette · 09/13/11 11:53PM

Stephen Colbert welcomed former Vice President Al Gore to the Report tonight for a wide-ranging chat—just kidding, it was mostly about global warming because, duh, Al Gore. That notwithstanding, the interview did have two standout moments, including Gore's refusal to reciprocate Rick Perry's 1988 endorsement of him, as well as a conversation about Keith Olbermann that ended with Gore accidentally "outing" Colbert as a character. Here are both of them in one video.

Old Reporter Outraged that Young Press Secretary Is on Facebook

Hamilton Nolan · 05/19/11 02:48PM

In your odd Thursday media column: an old reporter goes on a Facebook-shaming rampage, the Boston Globe is suddenly "not for sale," Dick Ebersol retires, Bill Keller is still talking, and Al Gore says News Corp's censoring his network.