Delta Forces Customers to Agree to Shitty Service Before Purchasing Ticket

Jay Hathaway · 08/18/15 10:35AM

Air travel is the fucking worst, everyone agrees, but it is sometimes a necessity. And, when it is, most people just book the cheapest economy flight available to them, regardless of airline, and suck up the indignity of layovers, limited legroom, and cramped baggage space. Now, Delta has introduced an additional indignity to which you must agree before taking your place behind some seat-reclining asshole.

United Airlines Customer Service Was So Bad It Made a Monk Lose His Cool

Andy Cush · 01/02/15 04:19PM

Perhaps you traveled by air this holiday season, and perhaps you wouldn't use the word "exemplary" to describe your customer service. Perhaps the airline representative took a tone with you over the phone, and perhaps you said some things you didn't mean in return. Congrats! You're in good company.

Passengers Report TSA Hell Lines Over a Mile Long in Chicago

Hudson Hongo · 11/30/14 02:00PM

On Sunday, Thanksgiving travelers flying out of Chicago's Midway International took to social media to document the airport's Kafkaesque security lanes, which reportedly stretched over a mile long this morning.

Drunken Bathroom Brawl Forces Flight to Divert With Military Escort

Andy Cush · 08/29/14 10:01AM

Two passengers who had allegedly consumed a "significant quantity" of alcohol caused a Sunwing flight from Toronto to Cuba to return to the airport under a military escort after they smoked in the bathroom, tripped a fire alarm, got into a fight, and made a "threat against the aircraft."

Airline Makes Passengers' Christmas Wishes Come True

Neetzan Zimmerman · 12/09/13 05:50PM

With air travel during the holidays a notorious nightmare, one airlines decided to lift their passengers' spirits by surprising them with an unexpected Christmas present.