Yay, There's a New Air Guitar World Champion

Jeff Neumann · 08/27/11 11:35AM

Behold, we have a new Air Guitar World Champion! Aline "The Devil's Niece" Westphal from Germany took this year's title in a hotly contested battle free of any talent whatsoever in Oulu, Finland. Yes, I understand it's about being wacky and all that, but is hosting a World Championship for 16 years in a row really necessary? Finland hosts all kinds of crazy things, like the Sauna World Championships, which I fully support because that takes endurance, stupidity and you might even die on your path to victory. But air guitar? Give me a break.

It's Lamé, Not Lame

Brian Moylan · 08/21/09 05:30PM

[Frenchman Sylvain "Gunther Love" Quimene rocks some killer pants while winning the Air Guitar World Championships today in Oulu, Finland. Image via Getty]