Air France Bomb Scare That Forced Emergency Landing Was a Hoax

Brendan O'Connor · 12/20/15 11:07AM

Flying over the Indian Ocean on Sunday, an Air France jetliner was forced to make an emergency landing in Kenya after a passenger noticed a suspicious device in the bathroom. Later, the CEO of Air France said the scare was a “false alarm.”

Pissed-Off Acting Legend Pisses in Aisle of Airplane

Maureen O'Connor · 08/17/11 11:57AM

Gérard Depardieu was on an airplane with 100 other people and had to pee, but the flight attendant said he couldn't go until after takeoff. So the legendary French actor took matters into his own hands: He whipped out his dick and peed in the aisle. No, seriously:

Air France Ordered All-Male Crew for Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Adrian Chen · 08/04/11 11:27AM

Regardless of whether he's guilty of allegedly raping a hotel maid, Dominique Strauss-Kahn should probably be kept away from all women, forever. His conduct was so ridiculous that Air France reportedly ordered an all-male flight crew to wait on DSK.

Jumbo Jet Clips Small Plane at JFK

Matt Cherette · 04/12/11 12:13AM

Two planes collided at JFK tonight when an Air France Airbus A380—the world's largest commercial passenger jet—clipped a much smaller plane while taxiing on the runway.

Hermès Heir Arrested Mid-Flight

cityfile · 10/15/08 02:53PM

Mathias Guerrand-Hermès, an heir to the French fashion house (and the ex-husband of the socialite Valesca Guerrand-Hermès), was arraigned today on charges he assaulted an Air France captain on a flight from Paris on Tuesday and then tried to grab the pilot's crotch and punch him. It took four people to subdue him and he spent the rest of the trip shackled to a seat in the first-class compartment. The polo-playing real estate investor could face a 20-year prison sentence if he's convicted, although given he has no criminal record, he isn't expected to do much hard time. Consider this a reminder not to mix your prescription medication with alcohol at 30,000 feet. [NYT/City Room]