Luke O'Neil · 02/08/14 02:12PM

An Air Force transport jet departing from Germany has been diverted due to an "in-flight incident" and will land soon in Massachusetts, The Boston Globe is reporting. Emergency crews are on standby awaiting the landing and are prepared for an unconfirmed depressurization in the plane's cabin.

U.S. Nuclear Missile Officers Have Been Lazy, Dirty Cheaters for Years

Adam Weinstein · 01/20/14 04:05PM

The Air Force has roughly 500 officers in charge of protecting and maybe someday launching America's arsenal of land-based nuclear missiles. Nearly all of them cheat on every exam they take, at every chance they get, according to three veterans of the force.

The Air Force Is Bullying Its Cadets Into a Secret Snitch Program

Adam Weinstein · 12/02/13 10:46AM

The Air Force Academy's Honor Code states that its cadets "will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate among us anyone who does." But the service apparently suspended that code when it forced mostly minority students to spy on their classmates to catch suspected drug users and sex offenders—only to forget all about them after they've been used as informants.

It's No Surprise the Air Force Academy Has a Gay Conversion Therapist

Adam Weinstein · 11/21/13 10:55AM

Don't Ask, Don't Tell is dead, so opponents of gay military equality have to fine-tune their message again. Or to simply conceal it behind a veneer of "character" pseudoscience. Which probably explains why the once-gay Dr. Mike Rosebush has a job teaching leadership to future Air Force officers.

John Cook · 10/22/13 04:05PM

Some Air Force guys with the launch keys to nuclear warheads accidentally left blast doors open twice this year, but don't worry because the doors are only "intended to help prevent a terrorist...from entering the officers' underground command post and potentially compromising secret launch codes."

The Air Force Desperately Needs More Fighter Pilots

Hamilton Nolan · 07/22/13 08:38AM

It used to be that every red-blooded young boy watched Top Gun and dreamed of growing up to be a fighter pilot, though hopefully not one killed during an emergency ejection. Today, the Air Force cannot get enough fighter pilots to fill its fancy planes.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/12/13 02:08PM

The U.S. Air Force's F-35 fighter jet, which is still in development, is projected to cost us $1.4 million per hour for the next 25 years.

Air Force Stops Reporting Drone Strikes in Afghanistan

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 03/09/13 11:25AM

The Air Force has reversed a policy of reporting drone strikes in Afghanistan and has wiped the information from past reports that were on its website as well. Last October, the Air Force Central Command began publishing reports of the strikes from remote piloted aircraft as part of an effort to "provide more detailed information on RPA ops in Afghanistan." After releasing statistics for each month through January, the February report contained no information regarding drone strikes, and the older reports have each had their drone strike information removed from the website (the Air Force is apparently unfamiliar with the wonders of

The Air Force Tossed Remains of Unknown Soldiers in a Garbage Dump

John Cook · 11/10/11 12:45PM

Day two of bad news for the Air Force's vaunted mortuary affairs operation at Dover, Delaware, where our nation's war dead are lovingly and respectfully welcomed home. Yesterday we learned that the Air Force is known to lose a body part or two on occasion. Today we come to find that for most of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars it disposed of loose unidentified body parts by burning them and throwing them in a landfill.

Terrifying Robot Bird Drones May Join U.S. Air Force · 11/02/11 03:18PM

If Air Force researchers have their way, the military's next flying robots of doom will be tiny, and indistinguishable from the naked eye from small birds, bats or even insects. And they'll take their first flight in a freaky "Micro-Aviary" in Ohio, where engineers make mini-machines modeled on those creatures of the sky.