L.A. Wins "Least Breathable Air" Title

Hamilton Nolan · 04/30/14 08:53AM

Say what you will about Los Angeles—that it's a hellpit of plastic-enhanced heathens teetering on the brink of seismic annihilation, for example—but give the city this: it has America's worst air.

Air Rights Battle Pits Soho Residents Against Nonprofit

Maggie Lange · 05/08/13 04:30PM

God's Love We Deliver, a nonprofit that delivers meals to sick and homebound people, will double the size of their Soho headquarters this summer. In order to fund their expansion without relocating, they sold $4 million of their air rights to a development company that is building a 14-story building next door. With the nonprofit doubling in size and the new condo widening because of newly-purchased air rights, Soho neighbors are protesting both the legality of the sale as well as the possible detrimental effects they say the buildings will have on the neighborhood.