Ahmed Chalabi Now Convincing Christopher Hitchens That He Will Be Iraq's George Washington In Hell

Alex Pareene · 11/03/15 06:13PM

Ahmed Chalabi, a con artist who spent a decade convincing America’s foreign policy establishment to topple a dictator so the Chalabi family could resume extracting their home nation’s wealth, died of a heart attack today, about 15 years too late. If you haven’t read it in a while (or at all), now is a good time to revisit Jane Mayer’s 2004 account of how long and how hard Chalabi worked to make regime change in Iraq the main foreign policy priority of a bunch of deeply stupid but powerful people, who grew to believe, despite of the overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary, that the deeply unscrupulous exile could be a credible leader of a secular and democratic Iraq.

Iraq War Fraud Ahmed Chalabi Is Back in Washington

Jim Newell · 10/01/10 02:12PM

A terrifying cabal of elites is meeting this week in D.C. for the "Washington Ideas Festival," to discuss only the most important Ideas. So why was Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi liar who supplied false intelligence to the Bush administration, invited?