Project Runway's Battle of the Fake Tans

Richard Lawson · 07/17/08 01:02PM

Who is more orange? Judge/fashion designer sort of/lost child of the Oompaloompas Michael Kors, or contestant/tweeker/Norfin troll Blayne? It's really a tough call. I know Kors looks more orange in this photo, but on the show, Blayne, who admits to having "a ridiculous obsession with tanning," looks pretty damn tangerine. Here's hoping that they'll share some tanning bed time on the show, Kors murmuring "Lil' Abner Barbie" over and over again while Blayne twitches and scratches at his scalp. And maybe they won't be the only ones there! Take a look at some other famous, tanned New Yorkers after the jump.