Jaden Smith: Soon Sci-Fi Is Just Going to Just Be Called "Science"

Rich Juzwiak · 06/07/13 05:21PM

Here's a series of clips of Jaden Smith babbling about the realism of sci-fi (aliens are making it realer, and The Matrix and Star Trek are so close to how reality could be, FYI). He also compares acting after growing up in the Pinkett-Smith household to speaking French after growing up in France. That seems like science, too.

Taylor Berman · 06/02/13 07:42PM

After Earth bombed at box office this weekend, grossing just $27 million and finishing in third place behind Now You See Me and Fast & Furious 6. The last Will Smith summer film not to debut No.1 was 1993's Made in America.

After Earth Is Just a Shitty Movie, Not Scientology Propaganda

Rich Juzwiak · 05/31/13 12:15PM

The tagline of the new Will/Jaden Smith movie, After Earth, is: “Danger is real. Fear is a choice.” The movie, which was directed by the inexplicably still-working hack M. Night Shyamalan and based on a story devised by the elder Smith, hinges on the ability of its young protagonist Kitai (Jaden) to rid himself of fear so that he can defeat a giant, blind monster mole that hunts humans by detecting their anxiety.