Ebola Is Dead (For Now)

Rich Juzwiak · 01/14/16 09:45AM

The World Health Organization has declared an end to the deadliest Ebola outbreak on record, reports the New York Times. The announcement comes after the countries hit hardest by the epidemic—Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea—reported zero cases for 42 days, or two incubation periods. During its two thriving years, the epidemic killed 11,300 people and infected more than 28,500.

This Gambian Coup Failed Because the Plotters Were Dumbasses

Sam Biddle · 01/14/15 02:15PM

If you're going to attempt the violent overthrow of a foreign government, it is crucial you don't completely fuck it up. Unfortunately, that's what two American dunces, Cherno Njie of Texas and Papa Faal of Minnesota, did.

CDC: Ebola Could Infect 1.4 Million by January

Aleksander Chan · 09/23/14 12:08PM

Following the World Health Organization's prediction that the Ebola virus could spread to more than 20,000 cases in Africa by November of this year, the Centers for Disease Control has released their own prediction: 1.4 million cases by mid-January of next year. The CDC's estimation, the Associated Press reports, is based on the largely held assumption that the number of actual cases on the continent are underreported.

WHO Report: More Than 20,000 Cases of Ebola in Africa By November

Aleksander Chan · 09/23/14 06:58AM

In a dire, grim report by the World Health Organization released in the New England Journal of Medicine Monday, researchers estimate that the Ebola virus runs a serious risk of becoming endemic in West Africa and remain a constant presence on the continent. "The epidemiologic outlook is bleak," doctors in the report write.

The Deadliest-Ever Ebola Outbreak: How It Started, and What's Next

Andy Cush · 08/01/14 11:20AM

Over the last several months, the deadliest-ever outbreak of the Ebola virus has torn through West Africa, claiming hundreds of lives and leaving hundreds more infected. If you're just catching up with the news, here's some of what we know about the disease, its spread, and how it might be stopped.

Adam Weinstein · 05/27/14 12:40PM

President Obama is expected to officially announce today that troop levels in Afghanistan will be reduced to just under 10,000 by the year's end. That means more battalions for Africa and Syria now!

Gabrielle Bluestone · 12/10/13 08:55PM

Even Toto thought it was a little weird that CBS played their '80s anthem "Africa" over its Nelson Mandela memorial footage. "As the co-writer of the song, if I had been asked for sync approval, the answer would have been a decline," lead singer David Paich told the Hollywood Reporter.