Intervention Ended Last Night With a Supposed 64 Percent Success Rate

Rich Juzwiak · 07/19/13 11:16AM

A&E's Intervention, the reality show about addiction-cum-vehicle for some of the most extreme human behavior ever shown on television, ended with last night's episode. It was its 194th. A&E announced the cancelation in May, and while the network didn't specific exactly why, it's clear that the 8-year-old show has been eclipsed in ratings by newer A&E franchises. Last week's new Intervention episode nabbed 1.35 million viewers, while a Duck Dynasty rerun that aired Wednesday night did 1.56 million viewers.

Bates Motel Is The Best Worst New Show On TV

Rich Juzwiak · 03/19/13 02:40PM

It all seemed to be going to well until Norman Bates busted out his iPod. Up until then (and granted, it was just a few minutes of airtime), it seemed like A&E's new scripted series, Bates Motel, was at least trying to preserve the legacy and reality of its source material, Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 horror classic Psycho. But no, this prequel series, which premiered last night, is set in the present, an act of folding time for the sake of...what? Not scaring the kids away with something that would have to be set in the '40s to preserve the timeline set by the film (and Robert Bloch's 1959 novel of the same name) while chronicling the adolescence of Norman Bates?

The Little Agoraphobics That Could

Andrew Tatreau-Sherwood · 08/10/10 05:20PM

Last night's Obsessed featured Al and his two daughters, Jodi and Tammy, who suffer from agoraphobia—the fear of open, public spaces. In their cases, the father-daughter trio can't leave their small town in Florida.

South Park Parodies Intervention

Anderson Evans · 04/28/10 10:42PM

Tonight's South Park parodied A&E's Intervention with everyone's favorite pot smoking towel. It seems the little blue rascal has opened the gateway to harder drugs like crystal-meth and heroin. Oh Towelie, why won't you listen to those that love you?

Hoarders Will Make You Feel Like Your Life Is Awesome

Elaine Moran · 04/02/10 11:30AM

Spring is here, and with it comes one of the most-loathed tasks of the year: Spring Cleaning. But before you give up about the hopeless mess that is your life, remember- it could be worse. You could be a Hoarder.

Sad MTA Can't Even Manage TeeVee Show

Hamilton Nolan · 03/02/10 09:44AM

From the network that brought you "Paranormal Cops" and that show about the exterminator comes a new drama about the dramatic tedium faced by New York MTA workers. Well—it would be coming, if the MTA had its shit together.

Steven Seagal Goes Rat Huntin' on Lawman

Mike Byhoff · 02/04/10 11:20AM

One of the biggest problems in Jefferson Parish is drinking and driving. So one would think the main responsibility of the police department would be to stop those DUIs. Not if there are rats in the canal that need shootin'!

The Alcoholic with a Thousand Faces

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 12/15/09 02:27AM

Each episode of A&E's Intervention follows a pattern: the addict's tragic past is explored, his/her horrifying effect on friends and family is exposed, and the intervention is staged. Character is what distinguishes each episode. Tonight's Jennifer was an instant classic.

A Sneak Peek at A&E's The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty

Whitney Jefferson · 12/08/09 10:32AM

We are in awe that this show is actually airing. Filmed before the late Michael's death, A Family Dynasty follows around the least fab four of the Jackson Five and airs the family's dirty laundry.