Reminder: Don't Borrow Money to Invest

Hamilton Nolan · 07/07/15 09:18AM

China’s stock market, the most high-flying in the world lately, is now mired in its inevitable crash. What rises too high shall fall again. In the long run, it will be okay. Unless you did something stupid.

Do Not Listen to the Crazy Man Telling You to Quit Your Job

Hamilton Nolan · 12/22/14 11:50AM

Noted media thinker Jay Rosen offers this advice to to working journalists: if you don't thoroughly understand your company's business model, then "you should quit." Allow us to offer this counterpoint: whatever you do, do not listen to this man.

Thatz Not Okay: Can I Make All My Recipes Secret Recipes?

Caity Weaver · 04/14/14 01:34PM

I made my husband a birthday party and invited his friends and colleagues. I prepared a bunch of my best dishes including a chocolate cake I have perfected for the past 4 years from various recipes. Now let me tell you about the cake: It's perfection, moist, rich and the frosting achieved the delicate balance for it to be delicious to chocoholics and those of us that aren't. Everyone went crazy for it and now my husband asked me to give him my recipe to pass it to the wife of a colleague. Normally I wouldn't mind—I've given my recipes to people in his office—but this lady rubs me off the wrong way. Ever since I met her there's something about her I can't explain that makes me dislike her very much and I can't imagine she cares that much about me given that we have barely spoken and are not even Facebook friends. So now I don't want to give her my recipe since she didn't even bother asking me personally, but my husband says I'm being childish and should just share it. Is that okay?

Thatz Not Okay: Can I Fuck My High School Enemy's Dad?

Caity Weaver · 03/31/14 11:00AM

So there was this girl that I went to high school with, and basically she was/is a homophobic, mouth breathing waste of space that made my life at the time rather miserable. Anywho, recently I was on Grindr (like half my day at work) and I happened upon her still rather handsome/DILF-esque father. I messaged him and we struck up a conversation, although it's pretty obvious he has no idea who I am (though to tell the truth I have been a bit vague about some of the facts). I'm considering banging him, and then disclosing said banging to a few select individuals, knowing it would make its way back to her. Is that okay?

The NSA Has Its Own Advice Columnist

Taylor Berman · 03/07/14 03:12PM

Here's perhaps the only lighthearted revelation from Edward Snowden's NSA leaks: The spy agency has its own advice columnist. The anonymous writer, who uses the pen name "Zelda," has covered everything from flip-flops in the office to nosey supervisors.

A Wal-Mart Worker Asks: Can I Pray Out Loud at Work?

Hamilton Nolan · 10/29/13 01:53PM

Due to our history as a platform for true Wal-Mart stories, we sometimes receive emails from beleaguered Wal-Mart employees, venting their frustrations. Today, we have our holiest Wal-Mart conundrum yet. Can you help?

Camille Dodero · 09/27/13 04:45PM

Hot 97 urges NYC Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio to tell his "Afro Son," 16-year-old Dante, not to hang out with rappers. "We need Dante focused."