Slate's Advice Column Is 'Penthouse Letters' for Prudes

Maureen O'Connor · 03/05/12 06:13PM

When Slate advice column Dear Prudence explored gay male twin fucking, I assumed it was an aberration in a column otherwise devoted to wedding etiquette and mother-in-law woes. But what if Dear Prudence is actually on the cutting edge of human sexuality? What if Dear Prudence is the Penthouse Letters of tongue-clucking suburbanites?

Ethicist Letter-Writer Excited About Hitting "The Big Time"

Sheila · 11/03/08 10:39AM

Here's a new ethical conundrum for Randy Cohen, advice columnist for the New York Times magazine's Ethicist: is a letter-writer obligated to tell an advice columnist that their ethical dilemma has already been dealt with by the same paper? We were wondering if the Ethicist stole a letter from the Social Qs column that runs in the Sunday Styles—after all, they printed the same question this week that appeared in the Styles in September. Well, we heard from Beth Rose Feurstein, the woman who sent the question to both columns, which involved a blind date who turned out to be a serial blind-date-canceller who kept invoking the same "got hit while riding my bicycle and ended up in the ER" excuse. And she says when the Times fact-checker called, she didn't bother to let them know that the question had already run:


Rebecca · 04/22/08 01:22PM

Sometimes I miss print. At least then, there were space constraints. The internet knows no editing. Today on Salon, constantly wrong-headed advice columnst Cary Tennis fields a 1,300 word question from a melancholy Ivy League student whose primary problem is that she's kinda homesick and no one pays any attention to her in her huge faceless elite East Coast school. She misses misses the West Coast! She doesn't even want to go into publishing anymore! Also, roommate drama! Tennis's advice: exercise. Yes, YouTube is great, but this column wouldn't have happened in the pre-Web world. [Salon]