How to Transform into a Total Nerd-Babe

Studio@Gawker · 01/17/13 11:59AM

Though the inimitable Dorothy Parker once claimed, "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses," times, they have changed. These days there is nary a fella out there who would balk at putting the moves on some bespectacled nerd-babe. In fact, it's pretty much safe to safe to say, that being "adorkable" is now considered a compliment.

Swanky GQ Event Featured Beautiful People and the New BMW i Concept Cars

Studio@Gawker · 12/21/12 02:59PM

The Gizmodo App Challenge inspired by BMW i's sustainable and design-conscious i concept cars came and went, and one talented Gizmodo reader had her winning app revealed on Wednesday evening at the GQ Best Stuff of the Year event. The winner? "I Can Make That," a creativity a sustainability app created by Sara A. that helps people repurpose materials lying around the house by making DIY projects out of them (like turning an old bicycle into a pedal-powered generator for camping).

Gawker Stalker Special Hunk Edition: Luke Perry Spotted in L.A.

Studio@Gawker · 12/20/12 11:59AM

Be still, hearts of America. The perennial bad-boy prince of Beverly Hills has been busy at a studio in Los Angeles. No, he's not doing voicework for an animated version of a certain '90s primetime soap (wish!). He recorded a holiday gift that money can't buy from AT&T: a customizable video message accompanied by longing looks that will be sure to delight the velvet-choker-wearing friends in your life.

Warby Parker Increases Already High Delight Factor by Including Cookies with Gift Card Orders

Studio@Gawker · 12/17/12 11:59AM

Everyone likes ripping open presents around this time of year. But picking out a friend's glasses that they wear on their face every day is a daunting task. Warby Parker knows this, and is offering gift cards in denominations of $50, $95, $145 and $195 — and all holiday gift cards will arrive at your lucky pal's door alongside a giant, custom, hand-iced cookie from Eleni's New York.

The BMW i3 Concept Will Make Your Commute Green and Stylish

Mallory McMorrow · 12/14/12 12:11PM

These days, buying a small car is a daunting task. With gas prices constantly in flux, cities becoming more cramped and a market inundated with bland options, it's easy to think that you have to sacrifice style and passion to meet your practical needs. The BMW i3 Concept will change all that — finally mixing stellar design with green commuting appeal to create an electric daily driver designed to give you the best of both worlds.

How BMW’s LifeDrive Is Like the World’s Most Advanced Electric Skateboard

Ray Wert · 12/12/12 03:59PM

LifeDrive isn't just any carbon fiber shell. It's the world's first automotive body specifically designed and purpose-built for the series production of electric cars — and the architecture underneath the gorgeously fluid skin of BMW's new i3 and i8 electric Concept cars. LifeDrive is innovative, lightweight, and smartly engineered. It's also kinda like a giant skateboard. Here's why.

Girls Season One, in 10 (Spoiler-free!) Memes

Studio@Gawker · 12/10/12 11:59AM

Girls, Lena Dunham's little corner of the big old world became a must-watch situation for HBO earlier this year. Girls came, girls went, girls lost their pants and lost their shit. The adventures of Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshanna (and their various bosses, parents, hookups, husbands, gynecologists, and the like) lend themselves quite nicely to Internet memedom.

Warby Parkers Instantly Make You Look Smarter and Cooler, Like This Guy

Studio@Gawker · 11/29/12 11:59AM

You aren't in high school anymore, so the smart and hot thing is a total go. The "oops-I'm-handsome" nuclear physicist look works on anyone, and fake drugstore frames just aren't going to cut it. Warby Parker's reasonably-priced, stylish glasses and sunglasses will rescue you from looking painfully unhip, tragically doltish, and, frankly, a little boring.

Life on the Road Doesn't Have to Be a Disaster

Studio@Gawker · 11/26/12 11:59AM

These days, not everyone's tied to an office. But if you're working from the road, it doesn't mean you can't get as much done as you would if you were sitting at a desk. In this, the last of our Business Casual series written in conjunction with the crew, we'll look at the mobile office tools that can help anyone whose work life involves airport security lines, rental car upgrades, and the endless search for Wi-Fi.

Learn to Love Meetings as Much as a Gambler Loves a Poker Game

Studio@Gawker · 11/16/12 11:59AM

If you are gainfully employed, it's likely that meetings are part of your life. And, no matter how much you protest, they're not going anywhere. Here in the Business Casual series, written in conjunction with the crew, we covered your sweet work-from-home setup, and now we're going to address the dreaded phenomenon known as "meetings" and how to make the best of them. With a little help from Kenny Rogers.

Congratulations, You're Allowed to Work from Home. Here's How You Do It.

Studio@Gawker · 11/15/12 11:59AM

Whether you have a lucrative gig blogging about coupons or your work-from-home status is merely temporary, laptop + jammies does not a home office make. Welcome to the Business Casual series, a triptych of posts about how to stay on task at work — whether you're onsite, offsite, or at home. Created in conjunction with the crew, Business Casual is your one-stop shop for your modern workplace advice needs. This first installment is all about the glorious phenomenon known as "working from home."