About That Vampire Blog Thing

Gabriel Snyder · 05/26/09 03:45PM

Something else you might have missed if you, like a normal person, enjoyed the Memorial Day holiday without following online media industry news: Gawker found itself in the middle of an advertising-blurring-with-editorial controversy after our sales department and HBO pretended that an advertorial blog was a Gawker editorial property.

'Page Six' Mag: Can The Edit Deliver The Ads?

Maggie · 09/25/07 03:55PM

Soooooo, not to belabor the point, but, since we can't stop staring at it, what was the thinking behind the Page Six Magazine again? The market isn't exactly screaming for another comic-book weight celebeauty title, especially one as confused about its target audience as its ads indicate. (Are we upmarket? Jaguar! Coach! Maybe we're downmarket? H&M! Marshall's!)

Patrick Dempsey Shills For Conde Nast

Choire · 05/14/07 05:16PM

Conde Nast is rolling out its celeb-studded print ads, in a campaign called "Point of Passion." It's this nifty thing where people who might be in the magazines are shilling for the magazines! So you have Mary-Louise Parker posing for the New Yorker, and Patrick Dempsey working it for Details, and Richard Branson hawking Wired, and Diane von Furstenberg clutching Vanity Fair, and, naturally, Stanley Tucci caressing Gourmet. See, if famous people like magazines, well, then clearly you will enjoy them and buy them too! We thought we'd make some revisions—you know, to aim for that youthful demo that Conde is opting out on.