How I Made $70 Selling Myself on Twitter

Max Read · 01/13/12 04:05PM

Do you know how easy it is to make money on Twitter? I found out this morning when a bunch of pranksters turned me on to a service called Pay4Tweet that they'd used to Tweet disgusting pictures to hundreds of thousands of people. I signed up — and made 70 bucks while people Tweeted "fuck you" to my boss.

Riding The Bus Without My Sister

Richard Lawson · 08/15/08 03:12PM

ZOMG! The bus driver almost left a person behind at a Connecticut rest stop. If she got stranded I think she'd have to get a job there, like how you have to wash dishes at fancy restaurants when you go to pay the bill and all that's in your wallet is a little moth that flies out.


Richard Lawson · 08/15/08 01:24PM

The whole magic bus blogging thing? Not so fun in stop and go traffic. Stop and go, stop and go, blerrrghh.