Florida Pols Have Best Two-Timing, Roomie-Fucking Pot-Smoking Day Ever

Adam Weinstein · 01/13/14 12:30PM

How awesome is it to be a legislator in the Sunshine State this year? This awesome: You get to approve the legalization of adultery, cohabitation, and giving young children a strain of marijuana called Charlotte's Web, all in one afternoon sitting.

Maggie Lange · 09/08/13 04:45PM

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. kept a diary, in which he detailed his affairs with nearly three dozen women. The New York Post notes that there is a lawyer, an environmental activist, and "at least one woman married to a famous actor" in the list. RFK Jr. had a good plan in which writing down his "lust demons" would keep them safe from public knowledge.

Why Has the Other Woman In the Petraeus Sex Scandal Lawyered Up?

John Cook · 11/12/12 02:22PM

Among the many odd, swirling facts surrounding the unfolding David Petraeus scandal: Jill Kelley, the longtime friend of the former CIA director who reportedly went to the FBI complaining of harassing emails from Petraeus' mistress Paula Broadwell, has reacted to the mess by bringing out the scandal equivalent of heavy artillery. She's hired DC superlawyer Abbe Lowell and crisis PR specialist Judy Smith—despite the fact that the FBI has concluded its investigation and there are no criminal allegations on the table.

Nuclear Sub Commander Decides to Fake His Death to End His Affair, Naturally

Hamilton Nolan · 09/18/12 04:20PM

Married 43 year-old Navy nuclear submarine commander Michael Ward was having a little affair with a younger woman that he met online. These situations are a bit tricky to navigate, as you can imagine. How did Michael Ward extricate himself from it, when he was ready to end the affair? The old fashioned way: he "sent his mistress an email from a fictitious person named Bob in July, posing as a co-worker and saying that Ward had died unexpectedly."

Buzz Aldrin Is Having a Sex Scandal

Maureen O'Connor · 09/20/11 12:54PM

81-year-old former astronaut and Dancing with the Stars geezer Buzz Aldrin is having a sex scandal. After 23 years of marriage, he left third wife Lois Driggs Cannon to be with 51-year-old marketer Michelle Sucillon, whom he met while signing books. Though not yet divorced, Buzz and Michelle have reportedly been "making out like teenagers" in public. Now Lois is giving scorched-earth interviews accusing Michelle of being "a predator," and Buzz of having "a midlife crisis in old age." Once you've been to the moon, it's hard to get thrills. [P6, Image of Buzz and Lois via Getty, Michelle via Facebook]

Man Sentenced to Literal 'Eye for an Eye' Punishment

Maureen O'Connor · 12/13/10 05:40PM

A 25-year-old Tehranian who blinded his girlfriend's husband by throwing acid in his face has been sentencing to having acid drizzled over his face and eyes. Apparently they're seeking "forensic scientists" to carry out the punishment now. [Daily Mail]

Al Gore's Rumored Mistress: Larry David Ex-Wife

Maureen O'Connor · 06/15/10 02:35PM

Finally, someone takes the bait on Al and Tipper Gore's divorce by starting an adultery rumor: Star says Inconvenient Truth producer Laurie David—also the cheating ex-wife of Seinfeld creator Larry David—"went from friends to lovers" with Al.