Adult Swim's New Infomercial Gives Actual Shit to Awful Startup Culture

Andy Cush · 11/18/14 04:50PM

Turn on the TV late at night this week and you might come across an extended advertisement for Smart Pipe, an exciting product that takes the internet of things to its subterranean, sewage-drenched logical conclusion. Don't worry, though: no one actually wants you to share your shit on Twitter.

This Hilarious, Endless Video Is Designed to Fool Stoners at 4 a.m.

Andy Cush · 11/06/14 05:03PM

At first, Too Many Cooks seems like some forgotten laugh-track sitcom from the '70s or '80s. There's the cheesy theme song, the suburban house, the head shots of family members as they go about their day. But then something really weird happens. Or doesn't happen.

Easily Shocked One Million Moms Upset Over Adult Swim's Black Jesus

Enid Shaw · 08/06/14 07:45PM

Homophobic, censorious advocacy group and righteous bunch of trolls One Million Moms is back with another important cause. The group, which is run by the anti-gay American Family Association, concerns itself primarily with waging "media campaigns" against evils like the Geico pig, whose commercials they claimed promoted bestiality, and protesting virtually every show on TV for being somehow blasphemous, lustful or something else fun. This week they're feeling salty about Black Jesus, Adult Swim's new show from the Boondocks creator about, you guessed it, a black Jesus who lives in Compton and doesn't mind a little weed now and again.

Final Season of The Boondocks Will Exclude Creator Aaron McGruder

Justin Charity · 03/22/14 11:05AM

Following a lamented hiatus since 2010, Adult Swim will premiere the fourth and final season of its profane, animated satire The Boondocks next month, featuring the full return of voice acting cast members Regina King and John Witherspoon as well as series regulars Katt Williams, Charlie Murphy, and Sway Calloway.

Watch Comedian Eric André Torture and Disorient Demi Lovato

Rich Juzwiak · 01/07/13 04:05PM

X Factor judge/former Disney Channel staple/occasionally troubled young woman Demi Lovato recently appeared on Adult Swim's Eric André Show, and confusion ensued. Engulfed by machine-made fog and holding a plate of spaghetti for some of the time, Lovato was asked to confirm several shows she was on and was told she would be tested for her "Satan thetan levels." An '80s rock icon showed up, throwing her further off kilter. This is prankish and juvenile on André's part, and yet Lovato has rarely seemed this human in public, even if she says little more than, "Really?" "Um?" "Yeah." and "What?" for the duration of the "interview."