The Calorie-Burning Underwear of Japan

Maureen O'Connor · 11/14/11 02:22PM

Today's entry in the mesmerizing Asian infomercial arms race: Calorie Shaper, a special Japanese underwear built with a "honeycomb spring" that supposedly helps the wearer burn calories while performing everyday tasks, like walking to the bus stop and performing choreographed dance routines in the office.

Herman Cain Produces Best/Worst Campaign Ad Ever

Max Read · 10/24/11 08:06PM

Here's a brand new Herman Cain campaign ad, starring chief of staff Mark Block, that was just posted, unlisted, to his official YouTube channel. As far as we can tell, Block is drunk, and outside an Olive Garden? And the cameraman is some guy with an iPhone, also drunk, whom Block met at the bar? But, really, the horrible panning and cheap tilt-shift filter are nothing compared to what happens at the 40-second mark. Just trust us on this one, okay? We told you the guy was stupid! [via @pourmecoffee]

'Have You Had Sex with Rick Perry?' Asks Ad

Maureen O'Connor · 08/18/11 07:10PM

Rogue Ron Paul supporter Robert Morrow took out a full-page ad in an Austin alt-weekly to ask a question: "Have you had sex with Rick Perry?" If you are a "stripper," "escort," or "young hottie" who has enjoyed a tall glass of that sweet Texas tea known as Gov. Rick Perry, then the Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy (CASH) would like a word with you. "Is it a real group? No. It's just me," Morrow tells Salon.

Gigantic Lady Teaching Germans the 'Art of Bathing'

Lauri Apple · 08/07/11 02:21PM

In Hamburg, Germany, the British beauty products company Soap & Glory has installed Die Badende: a 13-foot high, 67-foot long sculpture of a bathing lady in the waters of Alster Lake. The company did this out of a sense of duty, it seems.

Black Vagina Wears Afro, Mexican Vagina Says 'Ay-Yi-Yi' in Douche Ad

Maureen O'Connor · 07/19/11 01:43PM

Douche and vagina soap company Summer's Eve has a new ad campaign featuring talking vagina hands imploring their owners to clean their vaginas more thoroughly. And, in case that premise isn't preposterous enough already, Summer's Eve is tailoring its message to different ethnic groups. Above, a sassy black vagina mm-hmm's while mouthing off ( lip?) about hairdos.

Build a $1 Billion Scam Machine In Three Easy Steps

Ryan Tate · 07/07/11 02:32PM

It's been seen tens of billions of times on countless websites and Facebook. Thanks to credit card fraud, it's generated more revenue than most tech startups. Meet the "1 Tip for a Tiny Belly" con, if you haven't already.

Justin Bieber Gets Googled

Adrian Chen · 06/30/11 02:02PM

Google loves Lady Gaga. But they're sharing the love with Justin Bieber, whose socially-networked rise to fame probably is an even better fit for a tech company. Google just released this Justin Bieber ad for its Chrome browser.

The 50 Gayest Commercials Ever

Seth Abramovitch · 06/30/11 02:08AM

Adweek has a list of the 50 gayest TV commercials ever. Because gays buy things, too! (And straight dudes who enjoy watching two hot women in lingerie getting it on. They buy things, too. Like beer. And Toyotas.) []

Chinese Boob Clamp Ad Mesmerizes All

Maureen O'Connor · 03/04/11 03:24PM

Watching this ad for a "Chinese boob clamp" that is actually just a corset (Although maybe corsets should be called woman clamps?) I find myself entranced by the recurring image of breasts mushing together, then falling back apart. Faces lighting up with joy, then hanging with shame. Is this what it's like to be a straight man?

Anti-Smoking Pictures Are Too Much Says Judge

Richard Lawson · 12/30/10 10:44AM

A federal judge has ruled that New York's gruesome anti-smoking ads — featuring rotted teeth and organs — can't be forced into stores, siding with three tobacco companies who filed a lawsuit against the NY Board of Health. Smoke away!

How Did Ad Agencies Approach Their Work in 1965?

Christopher Han · 11/15/10 11:45AM

Meet the Cliche family. This is how you depict mom, dad, son, and daughter in commercials. Hard sells, soft sells, and all different techniques are covered in this short film. It was first put together as an in-house joke!