500 Days of Kristin, Day 377: Kristin's Latest Ad Really "Put Everything in Perspective"

Allie Jones · 02/05/16 05:10PM

On Tuesday, Kristin Cavallari visited a chapter of the Boys & Girls Club in New York City as part of a campaign to get the children to eat mandarin oranges—Wonderful Halos, specifically. Directly thereafter, we received a PR email from Wonderful Halos about Kristin’s experience promoting Wonderful Halos, which you can read here. Kristin then posted #ads for Wonderful Halos on Twitter and Instagram.

Christ. It's Tim--The "Pneumococcal Pneumonia" Guy

Hamilton Nolan · 10/26/15 04:50PM

Don’t you hate it when you’re out with your wife for lunch and you walk up by the dessert counter and then who do you see? Tim—the guy who can’t shut up about pneumococcal pneumonia.

Your Ad Here

Tom Scocca · 06/11/13 11:34AM

Late last week, Facebook announced that it would be reworking the set of various formats it offers to advertisers, to "simplify" its ad offerings. Among the changes, Ad Age reported, will be the end of a product called "sponsored stories" (although a Facebook executive said the stories would survive "as an idea"). Wired wrote that the changes will make it so that "every ad is automatically retrofitted with a social component."

What Google's Creepy Cyborg Glasses Will Probably Be Like: Ad-Heavy

Max Read · 04/05/12 10:40AM

The "Google Glasses" video that swept the web yesterday — a point-of-view shot featuring all of the helpful little maps, messages and answers that Google Glasses will theoretically provide for you one day — was ridiculous for a couple reasons: one, who takes the 6 train one stop from 23rd Street to Union Square?? And two, if this is Google — where are the ads? Luckily, RebelliousPixels' Jonathan McIntosh remixed the video to provide a more realistic idea of what Google Glasses will be like. Annoying. [via The Atlantic]

Romney's First TV Ad Is, Like Romney, Boring and Wrong

Max Read · 11/21/11 11:37PM

Here's Mitt Romney's first television ad! It is fantastic, in the sense that it manages to encapsulate, in the span of one minute, the entire Romney "brand": boring, wrong, nonspecific and slightly dishonest. (It's not so fantastic in the "at all engaging to watch" sense.)

20-Year-Old Ad Reveals That Obama's Voice Used to Be Sexier

Lauri Apple · 11/19/11 04:04PM

In 1991, when he was commander-in-chief of the Harvard Law Review, then-twentysomething President Barack Obama made this ad about 20th century lawyer Charles Hamilton Houston for TBS's "Black History Minute." The video shows a less-polished, deeper-voiced Obama, before he acquired years of public-speaking experience and quit the smokey treats.