Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: A Continued Debate

Brian Moylan · 02/07/12 01:32PM

If the Republican debates are the second greatest televised spectacle about matters that are only slightly abutting reality, then the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion specials are the first. Here is a ranking of how each woman fared in last night's fiasco.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Room for Debate

Brian Moylan · 01/31/12 02:08PM

Last night when fortifying myself for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, I realized it had a lot in common with that other great reality show of this year: the Republican Debates. Yes, there will be a million of them, everyone in attendance is ridiculous, nothing will get decided, and there will be a lot of yelling across the room.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: One Wedding, Everyone's Funeral

Brian Moylan · 01/24/12 02:36PM

As the mist clears on the glen, the great city of Brigadoon Hills once again disappears beyond the horizon to disappear for yet another interval. But before that can happen it left us with a wedding, the gift of true love, a wake, and the tearless grieving of a host of widows.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: White Party Problems

Brian Moylan · 12/20/11 02:10PM

There are those moments where your life changes in an instant and you don't see it coming: a mugging, an accident, the phone call that a family member has died. You were just having a wonderful day and then—slam—something snaps and all the gears come tumbling out of the watch in a comical and tragic disarray. That's sort of what happened to Taylor and Russell last night. The carousel finally stopped.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shoes and Fits

Brian Moylan · 11/29/11 01:25PM

Backyards are a wonderful place to have a barbecue or a swing set or a charity fashion show and shoe line premiere party. You know, like any old Thursday afternoon in Beverly Hills. But it wouldn't be a Housewives fashion show without a stupid fight, would it?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Showdown at the Not OK Corral

Brian Moylan · 11/22/11 03:14PM

Last night was a good old-fashioned Western in the rolling hills of Beverly. There were cowboys and showdowns and horses and homes on the range and even some wenches in fancy corsets. But when high noon came none of the little dogies could get along.

Sordid Tales of Cedric's Past on Real Housewives

Alison Flood · 01/06/11 11:11PM

Lisa's permanent house guest Cedric is usually just as entertaining as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but tonight we saw another side. Cedric isn't just Lisa's hot live-in help, he shared emotional details about his mysterious past.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: A Dossier

Maureen O'Connor · 03/20/10 04:46PM

I am of two minds on the upcoming iteration of Bravo's moneymaker. We don't really need more housewives—but Beverly Hills is so perfect for this franchise, and Kelsey Grammer's Playboy trophy wife has been waiting so patiently.